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For all the bits and bobs that we stock here at Angling Direct that do not quite fit under the usual banners, this page offers match anglers tackle they may not have thought of that could improve their catch rate. This page is for all the assorted pieces of match and coarse fishing tackle that we stock here at Angling Direct. Whether you need a gadget that helps you spy in the match venues of the UK or some tape to patch up your favourite pair of waders, this is the place to find it. 

What Extras Could I Add To My Match Fishing Collection?

Whether you’re looking for a high-end GoPro camera from FishSpy to capture the magic in real-time, a Zippo hand-warmer to keep things toasty in the winter months, or something as simple as a set of screw-in studs for your waders, rest assured that Angling Direct has you covered. You can even buy batteries to keep your headtorch and radio powered whilst you watch the float getting lost in the river bends.

We’ve scoured the UK market and further afield brought together a uniquely comprehensive collection of fishing accessories and supplies that not only cover all bases but suit all budgets. FishSpy items cost anywhere from budget-end cameras of £60 to over £200 for better tech specs! Hand warmers from Zippo start from £20 and up and all the other odd bits and bob you find in this section of coarse fishing range from £1, of course, you can also add the amount you wish to the Angling Direct gift cards, also found on this page.

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