Pike Fishing Lures

When it comes to pike and predator fishing, the importance of lures cannot be overstated. A good lure that can trick the pike into thinking it’s about to get a great meal of baitfish will always catch more pike than a lure that is tired and no longer appealing to your target fish.

Why are fish attracted to lures?

The variety of choice of fake baits such as lures ensures that you can choose and test what works best for you or the particular fish and fishery you catch at. Many lures in our fishing tackle range feature rubber fishing lures that have been modelled from a 3D scan of pikes natural food sources. These lures are particularly attractive to predator fish as they look as lifelike as possible. Rubber lures are great for the flexibility they offer in the water, they can bend from side to side and often comes with a weighted tail to assist in imitating the natural moving of the baitfish.

Other than the close imitation lures have to baitfish, they attract fish through features such as spinner blades. Spinner lures attract predators by slowly rotating under the surface, creating vibration and light reflections that fish cannot ignore. We stock fishing spinners that offer the more traditional anglers success in a multitude of waters, whether it is fresh or salt, these lures are more ideal in the slower, still waters, and are an excellent choice for pike, perch, trout and more.

What is the Best Lure for Predator Fishing?

Here at Angling Direct, we’ve brought together a world-class collection of lures from some of the best pike and predator brands in the tackle business in order to ensure you have ample choice when it comes to picking your perfect pike lure. We’ve sourced our collection of pike lures to include the likes of Abu Garcia, Storm, Daiwa, Spro, and Savage Gear. The variety of lure brands all offer their own take on what makes a great predator lure, all providing designs that bring something new to the fishing game. 

Many brands such as Salmo have strengthened these soft lures to ensure the nasty pike teeth do not slice through and ruin your beautiful lure after a single use. Some brands make soft plastic lures for UK fish and waters that are able to not only withstand conditions but absorb liquid attractant to top up the desire from surrounding fish to bite.

Fish also find themselves attracted to lures that make vibration and noise. Like the spinner blade on a tail of a lure, some predator lures come with rattles built within the imitated fish’s body. When this moves through the water it tends to make plenty of noise so that predator fish take notice.

What colour are fish attracted to?

In addition to reflective materials and vibrations, lures can attract predator fish with its colouring. Our range of predator lures has plenty of lures that are coloured to match baitfish but also feature bright, eye-catching patterns that can be spotted from all angles under the murky water and make the pike sit up and pay attention. Finding what colour works best for you depends on the fish you aim to catch and where you are catching it!

What is the Best way to Clean Fishing Lures?

A positive of using lures to bait is its reusability, however, this does mean maintenance is required to ensure your tackle is top notch for the next fishing trip. Make sure to clean your fishing lures by washing off any salt water with freshwater and drying it down with a towel. Vinegar can help with any rusting issues on your hooks or alternatively you can remove corroded hooks and replace with some new ones with a pair of pliers.

What to Learn More About Predator Lures?

If you would like any additional information about any of the pike lure we stock, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team. You can also read some tips of using lures from our blog.

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