Sea Fishing Seat Box Accessories

Your seat box offers storage and a place to sit when on the shoreline or the edge of the dock, however, as sea anglers, nothing is more annoying than being in the heat of the moment on the beach and your vital tackle isn’t in arm’s reach! To combat this, we stock a range of seat box accessories.

Types of Seat Box Accessories

Our range of sea fishing seat accessories covers everything you might need on the beach. We stock side trays that are great as a solid surface to sort your sea fishing bait upon, or simply to lay down your book upon when you suddenly get a catch. We also stock a variety of backrests for your seat box to make the seat box that a little bit comfier, enabling you to stay on the shoreline or dock for longer.

Other types of accessories include feeder arms, brolly arms, telescopic legs and footplates which you can read more about in our dedicated blog: What Seatbox Accessories Do I Need? Fishing Seat Box Accessories Explained 

Popular Seat Box Accessory Brands

Top manufacturers for Sea Fishing seat box accessories are Breakaway, Daiwa, Shakespeare, Grandeslam and Angling Direct’s very own Advanta. Advanta offers great quality for less expense across all its products.

Whether you’re looking to replace a tired accessory on your seat box or you’re looking to add on additional components, we have all the tools that you need.

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