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As a company of committed carp anglers, we understand that angling is as much as a waiting game as it is a skill sport. We don’t know about you but we prefer to do our waiting in comfort, so if you too want to be relaxing back in a purpose-designed angling chair rather than standing around on the bank for hours waiting for action, then you are in the right place. 

To be sat on the bankside grass for a couple of hours is all well and good but a fishing chair can transform your angling experience. That’s why we, at Angling Direct have collected a stellar range of fishing chairs that will keep you comfortable on the bank for hours on end. Long gone are the days of numb bums and stiff backs thanks to our range of premier chairs, as all of our chairs are designed with anglers in mind and have been built to offer you the support you need to enjoy life at the water’s edge. 

What is the best fishing chair?

We also have a huge variety of chairs for use across the carp fishing discipline, so whether you want back support for your bedchair, a chair with independently height adjustable legs, or a low profile outfit for all your most mobile angling, we have the chair for you. Not only are there plenty of fishing chair types to choose from but great brands too, to ensure that no matter which of our products you choose you’re going to be getting the perfect tool for you. That’s why you’ll see names like Fox, Trakker, and Nash in our stellar collection of chairs for carp fishing. 

As loyal carpers ourselves, we’ve even created our own range of angling chairs which have been specially designed with carp fishing in mind. Advanta is the brand we’re proud to call our own, and all the chairs and bedchair buddies in our range are top quality products that offer exceptional value for money. Angling Direct aims to make carp fishing accessible to all anglers, regardless of experience or financial situation. That’s why our chairs come in at a range of budgets, so whether you’re looking for your first dedicated angling chair or are in the market for an upgraded chair that offers indulgent luxury on the bankside, we have the chair for you.

What to look for in a carp fishing chair

Although all the chairs in our collection are world-class products that we proudly use on the bank ourselves, there are a couple of things that you ought to bear in mind when you’re making your purchase in order to ensure that you’re getting the perfect carp fishing chair for your needs. 

Use -  What you’re going to be using the chair for, as this will determine the features which are most or least important to you. Whether you are a short session or long session angler will affect your choice in a chair.

Weight - the weight of the chair is particularly important for the mobile angler. If you’re someone who likes to be able to pack up and move at a moment’s notice then the last thing you want is to have a weighty chair which could potentially hinder your process around the bank. On the other hand, a weightier chair is probably going to be less important for the long session angler, as you’re likely to only be carrying it twice during your session – once on the way down to the bank and once on the way back again. 

Chair Height - you’ll want to decide between a low chair and a standard day chair. Low chairs are, as the name suggests, shorter in the leg section (and usually in the back, too) and they are designed for fishing from secret and secluded swims – as well as for day fishing from a brolly or open-fronted shelter, thanks to their improved head clearance.

Chair  Frame - When it comes to the frame of your chair, the option you’re most likely to be faced with is aluminium. Both durable and lightweight, aluminium is incredibly popular among all the top end brands and you’ll see it used across the angling industry – from reels right the way through to bedchairs. Some of the carp chairs in our range also have additional steel support bars. These are slightly heavier than aluminium but they are also significantly more robust, improving the weight-bearing capacity of the chair and making it ideal for the bigger angler. 

Chair Padding - The padding on our carp fishing chairs varies from traditional style foam all the way through to top-end memory foam. Traditional foam offers a good level of padding and it is incredibly lightweight. Memory foam has been designed to give you ergonomic support where you need it the most. As the name suggests, this foam moulds to your body over a period of time, basically leaving you with a custom chair which has been padded with your needs in mind. If you’re someone who suffers from back problems or you’re someone who is going to be spending many hours sitting on the bank then a memory foam chair is a perfect option for you. Some of our chairs also feature additional padding in key areas to help support your back, neck and hips. 

Arm Rest - Integrated armrests are perfect for the long session angler who is going to be spending an extended period of time at the bank, as it allows you somewhere to rest your tired arms between huge ripping takes. Armrests add additional weight to your chair but they also add that touch of luxury which doesn’t go amiss when you’re spending several days in a row on the bankside.

Chair Legs - Having legs which you can adjust independently of one another is imperative and it really is the key to your bankside comfort. It doesn’t matter who padded your seat it or how supportive your chair back is – if you don’t have a chair which is level on the bank you are going to end up with even worse aches and pains than you had before you invested in your new carp chair. After all, no bankside is ever going to be completely level and even the neatest constructed swim with has its lumps, bumps, and changes in terrain. Independently adjustable legs have been designed to combat that, as they allow you to accommodate for any changes in the slope of your swim.

Mudfeet - swivel mud feet are an additional stabilising feature and they self-adjust depending on the terrain to ensure that you can always enjoy a flat and stable base for all your carp fishing. 

Reclining - Reclining fishing chairs are becoming increasingly popular with longer session anglers as it allows you to modify your back support to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a carp recliner, then you’ll notice that most recline via the use of a cam-wheel or hand-wheel, rather than by lifting the arms as you would with a traditional deck or camping chairs. This allows you to recline with incredible precision – perfect for those late evenings’ carp fishing.

What is a carp fishing buddy chair?

Another of the options in our carp chairs collection is our range of bedchair buddies that have been designed to sit across your bedchair, transforming it into a full back angling seat. These are ultra-lightweight chair options which are ideal for the angler who likes to enjoy a quick overnighter, as it ensures that you can still enjoy all the back support that you require in the day time whilst also keeping the overall weight of your tackle to a minimum. These buddy carp fishing chairs are also ideal for the social angler, who is regularly joined in their swim by their friends and family members. If you’re someone who often has a friend or relative join you on the bank for a cuppa but you don’t want to sacrifice your seat, a bedchair buddy is an excellent alternative. Most of the bedchair buddies in our range can also be used as low chairs, giving you an excellent lightweight seating option for your companion. In this way, the chair can literally be a seat for your carp buddy!

Want to know more about carp fishing chair?

If you would like any additional advice about which chair would best suit your needs, give our customer services team a call today. Our team boasts a range of avid anglers, each with their own experiences that they are more than willing to share. By simply picking up the phone, you can speak to any one of our helpful operators about the perfect carp fishing chair for your needs. Our team will be able to advise you based on their own bankside knowledge and, since all conversations are strictly no-obligation, you can take your time to mull over their suggestions before deciding on the chair for you.

If your carp chair is part of a larger order with us, you’ll be pleased to know that we have interest free finance options on orders over £300. You can read up on all the information you need, including the various repayment schemes, on our Direct Credit page. Here, you’ll also find out about our Buy Now, Pay Later scheme, too.

If you’re looking for a new chair for all your carp fishing needs then you can also check out our AD blog for fishing chair reviews.

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