Specialist Fishing Bivvy Accessories

For specimen carp anglers and those specialist fishing for a long session, nothing quite beats a night in your bivvy by the bank. But long days, usually during the cooler months can be testing on the most patient of anglers and so the waiting game of the fish to bite needs to be made as comfortable as possible. That is where not only a good bivvy and chair come into the equation but bivvy accessories too.

Make a home away from home when you are specimen fishing with the products we stock here at Angling Direct. Whether you need to upgrade that Trakker bivvy with some shelter modifications such as an insect panel to keep the mosquitos out of a skull cap to help with insulation and condensation, we have that here in our bivvy accessory section.

However, it is not just the exterior of your shelters that we are interested in improving for you with our selection, we also stock accessories that can be great for helping you keep your home at the bank organised. Maximising internal storage is a must, especially for specialist anglers with lots of luggage. For example, the Avid Carp Bivvy Organiser helps you store your tackle essentials. The organiser also doubles up as a smaller bivvy table thanks to the non-slip textured top surface, which makes this handy little storage centre ideal for placing a small stove on and getting a brew on – although all cooking and cuppa-making should be done outside the bivvy!

We store a range of bivvy tables for bait making, eating your lunch at or preparing your rigs. A bivvy table is great for when you are fishing with the company, perfect for the social carp angler. To add to the comfort, especially in the cooler nights at the bank, a gas heater really comes in handy. We stock a range of heaters, even eco-friendly heaters, such as a Nash Bivvy heater that uses nothing other than five tea lights inside the central chamber!

If you have any other question about our specialist bivvy accessories you can find all our contact details on our customer services page or your nearest store in the store locator. Our blog regularly features reviews of the latest bivvies and accessories, and all our posts are written by the finest anglers on our team – and you don’t get to be a fine angler if you don’t put your hours in on the bank!

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