Specialist Cooking Equipment

Specialist angling tends to transpire over the course of an all-day session to a few overnights by the bankside. During your stay, you need to make sure to feed yourself well so that you do not lose concentration during those vital moments of playing a barbel. We, here at Angling Direct have done our very best to sell the cooking kit you need.


Most cooking stoves are gas-powered to which we stock a range of different gas canisters to fuel your heat source. We also stock petrol and fluid powered stoves but we recommend that you invest in a stove with a good fuel-to-energy conversion rate that is economical to power. A very fuel-efficient stove is the Coleman Sportster 2 that gives you all the power you need to cook a full English breakfast.


Who doesn’t love a brew on the bank? We stock kettles in a range of sizes and, once again, the type of kettle you’ll want will depend on how many instant noodles and hot beverages you consumer at the bank and whether you are a solo or social specimen angler. If you're committed carper, then investing in a Fox kettle may be a way to go as these tend to be easy to clean, lightweight and crafted to withstand any bankside challenges.

Pots and Pans

Whether you want to cook some soup, pasta or fry some meat off, you need some pots and pans with decent non-stick so that when it comes to washing the gear up it isn’t ruined after one use. As a bonus, we sell cookware bundles so you can grab yourself a saucepan set for sale here and save yourself some money to spend on more grub!

Mugs, Cups, and Bottles

We stock a wide range of mugs, cups, and bottles from which you can drink all manner of liquids. We also stock a range of thermal flasks, designed to keep hot liquids warm for extended periods of time, they will keep cold liquids cold, too!

Plate and Cutlery Sets

From interlocking cutlery that won’t leave you rummaging through the bottom of your luggage to a neatly packaged brew kit bag, there is a huge range of options of for you to choose from to dine in luxury whilst at the bank.

With an extensive range of UK camping cookware and accessories from the world’s foremost brands, Angling Direct stock the products from Coleman, Trakker, and Chub and more. We also stock RidgeMonkey equipment, that has been taking the angling world by storm with their innovative products such as its sandwich toaster!

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