Sea Fishing Terminal Tackle

Sea Fishing, as with all of the angling disciplines, wouldn’t be possible without a full selection of terminal tackle. Terminal tackle really is the business end of the fishing experience, and without the right kit you may of well have not shown up to the beach or boat.

Hooks are a major aspect of terminal tackle, as without hooks you’re never going to catch a fish. Angling Direct stocks specialist sea fishing hooks, from brands such as Sukuma and Kamasan, to ensure they can withstand the highly corrosive nature of saltwater. You can choose from short shank to bait holder hooks that have a double sliced shank to prevent bait masking the hook point. There is a range of tailored UK fishing hooks that obtain some of the best hook patterns for British water conditions and species.

Angling Direct also stock a range of pre-tied rigs, which are perfect for those anglers who have less experience with knots and don’t want to risk losing out on a major catch because of a dodgy knot. They are also great for busy anglers who don’t have time to make their own precision rigs and want to spend as much of their time by the sea fishing as possible. As with the hooks, these pre-tied rigs are precision pieces from expert brands such as Sonik and Mustad, and all the rigs you see on our sea fishing terminal tackle page are made from materials designed to hold up against the corrosive saltwater.

If you are a sea angler that loves tying your own rigs then no fear! We also stock a sea fishing rig making kit and some rig bits that can help make up successful sea fishing rigs for UK waters. Whether you need some sea fishing rigs for boat fishing or from casting your rod from the beach, there is a range of beads, clips, tubing and fishing traces.

Of course, you cannot forget to add some leads to your rig when sea fishing. Our range of sea fishing leads cover impact, breakaway and sinkers to aid in placing your hookbait exactly where you want without the concern of the sea current carrying the bait away from where the fish are. UK sea fishing weights are designed to add grip to the British beaches and seabeds.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the terminal tackle we stock for sea fishing, and you can find all manner of essentials from swivels to booms. Our full range of sea fishing terminal tackle is here for you to browse through at your leisure.

Angling Direct aims to ease the process for both new anglers who are starting out in sea fishing and seasoned professionals looking to re-vamp their tackle box alike. Check out our comprehensive guide to sea fishing tackle here - What Equipment Do You NEED to Start Sea or Beach Fishing? 

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