Coarse & Match Seat Box Accessories

We have anglers from across the disciplines in our team, here at Angling Direct – including a large number of anglers for whom coarse and match fishing is their life. This is why we are well aware just how annoying it can be when you’re in the heat of the moment on the bank and your vital tackle isn’t in arm’s reach! To combat this, as well as to seriously open up your angling options, we have collected together a huge number of seat box accessories in order to ensure that you can always have the gear you love at arm’s reach on the bank.

Your seat box is one of your most important items of tackle on the bank when you’re coarse or match fishing and you’ll struggle to find a dedicated match angler who hasn’t invested in one of our top class coarse and match fishing seat boxes. However, a seat box cannot work in isolation and it is only when you’ve populated it with satellites of vital tackle that you’re able to utilise it to its fullest extent. We stock a huge range of accessory options for you to choose from – whether you’re planning on mixing and matching your collection or you want to complete your branded set. However, with some many different choices available, we thought we’d give you a run down of the kind of accessories that you can expect to find on our online store.


Side Trays

This is a fairly self explanatory tackle item: it is a tray which you can attach to your seat box. Side trays are hugely versatile and they can be used for a whole host of reasons on the bank. One of the most popular uses for side trays is to use them as on-bank rigging stations. Because of their position on your seat box, you can make all kinds of modifications to your terminal tackle setup whilst you’ve still got your rod or pole out. This is because it allows you to keep your rod or pole in your peripheral vision, ensuring that you’re able to notice and respond to any bite indications as and when they are happening whilst also making the appropriate adjustments to your new rig setup. With a top quality side tray you can respond to any and all action on the water quickly and easily, ensuring that you can make the changes you need to in order to keep catching fish.

This is by no means the only use for your side tray. It is also an excellent baiting station, especially if you’re looking for somewhere to store pre-rolled balls of groundbait ready for your catapult or you’re filling your cups with pellets ready to cup out over the water. It is also ideal if you’re fishing using a feeder system, as it gives you a flat base on which you can press your bait into your feeder – whether that’s a method feeder, river feeder, cage feeder, or an open ended system.

We have lots of different side trays available on our site. Whether you’re after a small tray which is perfect for storing all your odds and ends or you’re in the market for a truly mammoth table which can house all your bait making equipment, tools, and an array of other devices, then we have the perfect products for you. What’s more, we also stock a whole host of side trays in between these extremes, so no matter your needs we have the ideal side tray for you. Our side trays are available as both plastic and metal options. As you might expect, the metal side trays tend to be slightly heavier, although they are generally considered to be more durable. To combat their weight, the majority of metal side trays on our site feature a grated base. This also allows any water to drain away, should you get caught out without an umbrella in a classic British rain shower. The plastic side trays, whilst lighter, are often slightly less heavy duty in their construction. These tend to be completely sealed on the base, however, so if you were worried about your hook becoming caught in the grate on the metal side trays then this style of try might be preferable.


Feeder Arms

Another of the most popular accessories available is the feeder arm, also known as a feeder rest. These are designed to hold your coarse rod out from your seat box. This allows you the flexibility of using your feeder rod as well as your pole when you’re out match fishing, ensuring that you don’t have to have a separate set up to the side of you. When you’re looking for an ultra sturdy feeder arm, we recommend that you look for one with dual attachment points. This ensures that your arm has two points of attachment to your seat box, preventing the elements from disrupting it. You can then attach your chosen rod rest into the end of your feeder arm. These support the upper sections of your rod, holding it out over the water in the perfect position so you can enjoy hands free fishing.

A top quality feeder arm will also allow you to change the angle of your feeder rod, so you can kick it up over weeds and snags or point it down as you see fit. This allows you to fish with the same accuracy as you can when you’re fishing with a feeder rod in any other style, ensuring that you can make the most of your angling no matter the conditions on the water. Some of the feeder arms we stock are also telescopic. This not only ensures that the transportation of this tackle item is easy and hassle free, but it also ensures that you’re able to modify the length of the rod rest on the water – whether you’re fishing with a 9ft feeder rod on the shortest end of the spectrum or you’ve gone all out with a distance cast from a 12ft rod, you’ll be able to rest your rod perfectly in one of our telescopic feeder arms.


Pole Rests and Kit Roosts

Similarly, we also stock a complete and comprehensive range of pole rests. We have two main kinds of pole rests on our site, with a number of subtle variations within those categories. The first kind of rests are butt rests which, as the name suggests, are designed to support the rear end of your pole. These are often significantly more padded than rod butt rests, reflecting the more delicate nature of match fishing poles as opposed to rods when exposed to impact and pressure. You’ll even find that some of the pole butt rests in our range are fitted with miniature rollers. This is to ensure that, should you get a take on the pole whether you’re fishing hands free or otherwise, you are never at risk of causing damage to your pole.

The second kind of pole rests are designed for supporting slightly further up your pole and these are often positioned out the front of your seat box, affixed to the front legs of your foot rest. These kinds of pole supports tend to be constructed from a ribbed foam, or a foam with specially designed divots. This foam construction allows you to place your pole out over the water in a variety of positions with the full confidence that your pole will not twist or roll. This ribbed foam is also exceptionally protective, providing a cushioned support to your pole and preventing any potential shock damage to your pole. You can find some butt supports with this kind of foam construction, too, although they will tend to be much narrower, more angled (to prevent the pole from sliding from the support), and will often feature a roller-style foam at the either end.

We have kit roosts which are designed both for the top kits of your pole and the top kits of your feeder rods. This means that whether you fish primarily with a rod and reel or you’re a pole angler through and through, we have the roost to store your gear safely on the bank. All too often we see anglers store their spare top kits on the floor or propped up against their other tackle items. As you can imagine, no matter how careful you are on the bank, accidents always happen and one misplaced foot could lead to a snapped top kit or worse and you could even find yourself pitched head first into the bank or water. A top quality kit roost virtually eliminates any possibility of this and it is the perfect solution for your top kit storage needs. We stock both free standing roosts and roosts which can be attached to your seat box to ensure that they are always in arm’s reach, so no matter your preference we have the perfect solution for you.


Brolly Arms

These are another fairly self explanatory product and they are absolutely vital for the angler who finds themselves fishing in rainy or otherwise inclement weather conditions. In order words, these are essential for all British coarse and match anglers. Brolly arms are designed to attach to the leg of your seat box on one end and around the pole of your brolly on the other. This means that they hold your umbrella firmly in position, ensuring that it will remain in the perfect place even in blustery conditions. The brolly arm provides vital support to your umbrella, as well as ensuring that it is set up to provide you and your gear with full protection from the very worst of the elements. It is also worth bearing in mind that umbrellas are a vital additional to your angling setup even if you’re someone who only ever fishes in warm or sunny conditions. We all like the idea of spending the day sat out in the sun but, in truth, the reality is very different and we know that we find ourselves clamouring for a patch of shade after only a couple of hours of sun exposure. An umbrella in these kinds of conditions ensures that we can sit out on the bank in complete comfort, protected from the most extreme of the sun’s heat, and a brolly arm keeps our umbrella positioned over us at all times.


Footplates and Back Rests

Although some of the seat boxes in our range come fully supplied with both back rests and foot supports, we know that these aren’t always your first priority when you’re looking for a top quality seat box system. This is why we have made sure to supply both options for a range of the seat boxes that we stock, allowing you to make the modifications that you need to your seat box system. Footplates were originally designed for anglers who were fishing on waterlogged banks and they were purpose built in order to ensure that you could keep your feet dry in a range of conditions. If you’re someone who regularly finds yourself fishing at pegs which are devoid of the kinds of platforms that you often find on venues that are routinely waterlogged, then a footplate will form an essential part of your angling arsenal.

Back rests are a much more modern addition to the seat box system and you’ll find that the majority of the seat boxes that we stock go without back rests entirely. This is why we have made sure to supply a range of back rests for a variety of the seat boxes that we stock here, at Angling Direct. If you are someone who does suffer from back problems, as you well may as a lifetime angler, then a back rest will be vital to ensure that you can fish in complete comfort at all times.



As well as all these larger seat box accessories, we also feature a full range of locking nuts, hand wheels, and clips to ensure that you’re able to modify your box to suit your needs. This includes the likes of spare connecting bars, additional telescopic legs, and insert spares. Whether you’re looking to replace a tired accessory on your seat box or you’re looking to add on additional components, we have all the tools that you need.

Angling Direct is proud to only ever stock the highest quality tackle items possible, which is why we turn to the most respected brands in the industry. This why you’ll see accessories on our site from the likes of Preston, Maver, and Rive. These three brands are all coarse and match fishing specialists, so all the tackle they design has been manufactured with the modern match angler in mind. We’re also proud to be the UK’s largest stockist of Daiwa tackle, which is why you’ll find a whole array of Daiwa products in our collection of seat box accessories. If you have any further questions about any of the products in our catalogue or if you’d like any assistance with any aspect of the order process, you can contact our customer services team.  Our team have accumulated decades of experience between them and, as all advice is no obligation, we suggest that you pick their brains and then take the time to mull over their advice before placing your order.

Angling Direct, Serious About Your Fishing....

Many match and coarse anglers have experienced being in the heat of the moment on the bank and your vital tackle isn’t in arm’s reach. To combat this, as well as to seriously open up your angling options, there are a huge number of seat box accessories that ensure you always have the fishing gear you love at arm’s reach on the bank.

What Seat Box Accessories Do I Need for Coarse & Match Fishing?

There are a few items you can add to your seatbox to improve your set up for a day of coarse or match angler such as bait trays, side trays, feeder arms, pole rests, kit roosts, brolly arms, footplates, backrests and smaller items like hand wheels or locking nuts. All these seatbox accessories offer more storage or support for your fishing tackle as well as protection and comfort whilst out on the bankside. 

You can read about each and every one of these seatbox accessories in detail over in our Buyers Guide on the AD Blog.

In our selection of Coarse and Match Seat Box Accessories will find the most respected brands in the industry from the likes of Preston, Maver, Daiwa, and Matrix. These brands are all coarse and match fishing specialists, so all the tackle they design has been manufactured with the modern match angler in mind.

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