Bedchairs for Carp Fishing

It has always been pretty obvious that the angler who is well rested and comfortable on the bank is also going to be the angler who catches fish – if only because they are able to stay there for the longest. After all, all too often fishing can come down to patience rather than pure skill. You could be the finest angler in the world but you’re never going to catch as many fish as the angler sat next to you if you’re only on the bank for half the time. If you’re sat at the bank rubbing your aching joints or trying to stretch out that annoying crick in your neck, you are never going to last as long as your fellow angler who is completely comfortable. Where does comfort begin for the overnight angler? With a top quality bedchair.

Fishing is an investment of time, so why not make that time as comfortable as possible with one of our sublime bedchairs? If you know you are going to be spending many hours on the bank, sometimes in awful weather conditions, why not make those hours as comfortable as possible? Angling Direct is proud to offer a uniquely superior range of high-end bedchairs assembled with the UK’s angling elite in mind. With thousands of angling bedchairs on the market to choose from, finding the perfect product for your own needs can be tricky to say the least. That’s why we’ve invested enormous time and effort in putting together a concise yet comprehensive range of bedchairs from the world’s leading angling brands – each of which has been personally vetted and tested for comfort, support and performance. This way, no matter which chair you chose from our range, you’re sure to get a comfortable end result that, if nothing else, will make your time on the bank more enjoyable, if not more profitable.


Materials and Components

You’ll be surprised about how much variation there can be in materials and components of the humble bedchair. Everything from the frame to the mattress can be (and has been) modified by different suppliers across our range, in order to produce the bedchair that they believe is the best. However, there are a few areas of the bedchair that you should pay particular attention to which indicate that you’re looking at a bedchair of real quality.



The first of these is the frame material. Nine times out of ten, you’ll find that the bedchairs we stock will be manufactured from an aluminium frame. Aluminium is a favourite among bedchair manufacturers because it is not only durable and sturdy, but it is also incredibly lightweight. This means that you can transport it to the bank with ease, whilst also being confident in its weight bearing ability. Chances are that the aluminium used in the frame will be 6061 grade – an aluminium alloy that contains both magnesium and silicone and is commonly used in aerospace engineering. However, so long as the frame strikes the delicate balance of being heavy duty without being heavy in weight, you should be more than comfortable.



The legs of the bedchair are one of the most important things to look out for, as these (combined with the feet) determine how sturdy it is. You’ll most often find bedchairs with six legs, one at the head section, one at the top third, and one at the second third. This is the minimum amount of legs that a bedchair requires in order to be structurally stable and it supports the main areas of pressure (your head, your torso, and your thighs). You might also find some of the bedchairs in our range have eight legs. These are normally paired in the top and bottom thirds of the bed and they give increased stability. This is ideal if you’re someone who regularly targets swims with questionable terrain and you want a little more security in your bedchair.

Another thing to look out for is whether or not the legs are height adjustable. If you are someone who fishes on uneven terrain that it will be very important to choose a bivvy with height adjustable legs, as this will determine whether or not you enjoy a good night of sleep or not. There is nothing worse than sleeping at an angle! Swivel feet are another important factor in bedchair stability. Sometimes known as mud feet, swivel feet pivot to provide you with a completely flat base – essential if your swim is especially uneven.



The mattress material is another thing to look out for. The amount of padding in the mattress will often impact on the price of the bedchair, with more expensive chairs offering a thicker or more robust padding. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule of thumb and you will find exceptions. The padding material can vary from traditional foam right through to advanced memory foam. The choice between these will probably come down to how long you’re likely to be spending on the bank. If you’re someone who enjoys quick overnighters and is going to spend as much time sitting on your bedchair as you do sleeping on it, then a traditional foam mattress is likely to be more than adequate for your needs. If you’re headed to the continent for long sessions, where you’ll be taking a separate day chair along with you, then you might be more interested in a memory foam mattress that is fully supportive. You’ll also notice that many of the bedchairs in our range have additional padding around the outer rim. This is to prevent you from rolling out of the bed in the night, giving you the peace of mind that you aren’t going to experience a rude awakening in the night.

Another aspect of the mattress which you might want to consider is the material its cover is made from. Many of the mattresses we stock will have a peach skin or soft-touch finish. This is because this is found to be the most appealing to lie against, helping to ensure your comfort throughout the night. You might also find that your mattress has a fleece finish. This is excellent if you’re someone who fishes year round as fleece is highly insulating and can seriously help to preserve body heat on the coldest nights. Some of the mattresses we stock will also have dedicated ‘welly’ sections at the foot end of the bed. These are usually manufactured from a wipe clean material, such as nylon, and are ideal for the angler who likes to relax on the bank but who doesn’t want to run the risk of becoming flustered with footwear when their bite alarm cries. Whether you’re wearing boots or waders, you’ll be able to keep your footwear on with the confidence that your bedchair can be easily wiped clean afterwards.   



Most of the bedchairs we stock will come in a ‘standard’ width (which, of course, changes from manufacturer to manufacturer). These tend to be more than wide enough for the average angler and, provided you’re not planning on moving around too much in the night, are more than adequate for your regular overnight or weekend session. We also stock ‘wide boy’ bedchairs. These offer a precious few inches of additional width, which is ideal if you’re an angler on the more robust side of the spectrum. A wide boy bedchair is also ideal on your longer carp fishing sessions, when you want to be as comfortable as possible. One thing to bear in mind when you’re choosing you bedchair is how it will fit in your bivvy or shelter. If you’re someone who enjoys short session fishing, and as such you use smaller bivvies or brolly systems, then you might want to forgo the wider bedchair in favour of a smaller, lighter, and more compact alternative. On the other hand, if you are the proud owner of a more generously sized bivvy, or you’re a solo angler who uses a two man bivvy for optimum comfort, then a wide boy bedchair might be right up your street.


Pillow or Quilt

You’ll find that some of the bedchairs in our range some with their own in-built pillow sections. These are useful as they mean that you have one less item to carry down to the bank with you, lightening your load. However, they also mean that your bedchair will be slightly bulkier when you pack it down. Likewise, a few of the bedchairs we stock come with their own quilts. These are specially engineered to fit on the bedchair and, once again, they mean that you have one less item to carry. However, there is some debate in the angling community about whether quilts are as warm as sleeping bags and it seems largely down to personal preference.

When you’re considering how much gear you’re going to have to carry down to the bank it is worth bearing in mind that a lot of modern bedchairs will have dual hinge points. These allow the fold to be expanded and most modern bedchairs are able to accommodate a sleeping bag and angling pillow when folded. If you’re planning a quick overnighter, you might even want to store your folded bivvy in your bedchair and we have a range of pop-up bivvies which are designed to be stored in this manner.


Flat-lying or Reclining

Another thing to consider is how flat the bedchair can lie. As a general rule of thumb, the flatter your bedchair can go the better night’s sleep you’re going to get. After all, your mattress at home is flat so, if nothing else, it is what your body is used to. When bedchairs were first invented they had the option of sitting upright, like a standard chair. However, although they were vey quickly established as being used exclusively for sleeping, it wasn’t until much later that manufacturers began to change the design of the chair so it was completely flat when erected. Most of the bedchairs in our range will be completely flat lying, although some will offer a recline style that allows you to prop the head section up.

To perfectly complement this range of bedchairs we also stock a full range of bedchair accessories to ensure that your time on the bank is as comfortable as possible. To complete your overnight angling set we also stock a huge range of sleeping bags, pillows, and bivvies, too, so do make sure you browse the range to be completely prepared for all eventualities.

If you need any further assistance, the fine anglers on the end of our customer service line are more than happy to help – the customer service page on our website provides all the contact information you could require. Using our store locator, why not pop in to your local Angling Direct and give your bedchair of choice a feel before you buy?

Our range is populated exclusively by the leading lines from global brand leaders, who in every instance have long-standing reputations for excellence. We offer the latest and very best bedchairs from Trakker, Prestige, JRC and so many other names of similar angling pedigree and prowess. Along with ensuring maximum comfort for longer fishing trips, the market’s finest bedchairs have also been developed and tested with healthy support and posture control in-mind, in order to eliminate those tell-tale aches once common with long session carp fishing.

We’re proud to put our name to our own brand Advanta range because, when you buy Advanta, you can be sure you’re getting quality value for money products. Our range of bedchairs is no different. Not only that, but we go a step further and offer bed bundles. These collections offer a sleeping bag, quilt, and pillow to go with your new bedchair – as well as a staggering 10% saving on the total price were you to buy the products individually. Whether you’re looking to invest in your first quality bedchair, or you’ve decided the time has come to treat yourself to something truly superior, the Angling Direct range has you covered. And as many of our chairs come with free delivery to the UK mainland you might as well take the time to find your perfect chair. Our delivery information page provides more in-depth information on regional prices.

Angling Direct: Serious about your fishing…

Embrace the Ultimate Comfort with Bedchairs for Carp Fishing

Carp fishing is an enthralling venture, the delight of which can be considerably enhanced by the comfort of your seating. Our all-inclusive selection of carp fishing bedchairs takes your fishing experience to another level. These are meticulously designed to maximize your comfort, revolutionising your angling endeavours.

Invest in the Best Bedchair for Carp Fishing

Just as choosing the right tackle and bait is critical, selecting the perfect carp fishing bedchair is equally crucial. Our wide range of bedchairs provide the perfect balance of warmth, space, and portability, ensuring you enjoy every second by the water.

Insulation is key; our bedchairs offer varying degrees of warmth, ensuring you'll find one suited to any climate. Space is another factor to consider; our bedchairs provide plenty of room to relax without dominating your shelter space. Plus, our lightweight and compact designs make transport to even the most remote fishing spots a breeze.

Discover Premium Brands for Carp Fishing Sleep System

Our collection includes bedchairs from top brands like Nash, Fox, and Trakker. These brands lead the way in providing innovative solutions to ensure your comfort on the bank. From Nash’s roomy Wide Boy range to their accommodating Emperor design, and Fox’s continually improving bedchair designs, you’ll find a sleep system that fits your needs perfectly.

Enhance Your Experience with Exceptional Bedchair Accessories

Our range of bedchair accessories is equally impressive. We stock everything from attachable sleeping bags to memory foam toppers, heated fishining blankets, and various other innovative extras, ensuring your carp fishing experience is both comfortable and convenient.

Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee

At Angling Direct, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier products at unbeatable prices. Our friendly, experienced team is always on hand to offer expert advice, matching your needs with the best products. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, our carp fishing bedchairs are bound to enhance your angling experience.

Start exploring our range of bedchairs for carp fishing and accessories today. Feel the difference of unparalleled comfort on your next trip. Because, at Angling Direct, we believe in providing the ultimate angling adventure that you deserve!

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