Sea & Beach Fishing Clothing

As an island nation, we know that there are thousands of passionate sea anglers across the UK, so we have ensured that we stock a vast range of sea fishing clothing that can more than withstand the coastal elements.

What Clothing Do I Need for Sea & Beach Fishing?

We supply clothes for fishing both from a boat and from the shore. So, whether you need a sea-proof bib and brace to keep you dry whilst you wade out into the surf or a full floatation suit to ensure you’re safe on the water, we have the product for you.

Top clothing choices for sea fishing tends to be bib-n-braces, thermal trousers, hoodies, waterproof jackets, thermal floating suits and hats (for both summer and winter). You can read more on different hat choice in our blog; The Complete Buyer's Guide to Fishing Hats.

Another important clothing item for sea fishing is gloves. These are worn by anglers, even when the weather is sunny and hot as there are many sea species that have sharp teeth, rays and spikes that demand protection of the hands. Ensure you get a good quality pair to protect your skin. Read more on the other items you may need on in our guide; What Equipment Do You NEED to Start Sea or Beach Fishing?

Some great fishing awaits sea anglers in the colder months but not only do you need to be prepared for rough tides but for the incredibly windy climate, see tips in our Winter Clothing Buying Guide for Anglers.

Popular Sea Fishing Clothing Brands

Sea fishing presents a unique challenge to angling clothing manufacturers. Not only do they have all the usual elements to contend with (water, wind, etc), but they also have to accommodate the often harsher conditions of the coastline, as well as the corrosive nature of saltwater. Great clothing brands to look out for are Sundridge, Skee-Tex and Vass.

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