Bait Buckets & Riddles

A bucket or riddle that works well is easy to overlook until that bucket or riddle fails at the most inconvenient of times! While there's more to successful angling than these kinds of supplies, you shouldn't underestimate how vital they are on the bankside until you are without them!

What Do I Need a Fishing Bucket?

Buckets really are the only way to transport your bait to and from the bank. Not only are they the perfect container for transporting a huge quantity of bait, but fishing buckets can also be used to transfer lake water onto your unhooking mat to hydrate your captured fish. Common features of fishing buckets tend to be either circular or square, lidded or with a handle and some even have a cushioned lid to use as a seat! Check out all the features fishing buckets and riddles may have in our Buyers Guide.

If you are in the market for a new fishing riddle we have a selection of riddles you can be assured that all your ground baits are completely lumped-free and perfect every time. The camouflage nature of many of our riddles and buckets means they will blend is as well as you do on the bank, and they are all structured to fit easily into most barrows and trolleys.

Within our bucket and riddle collection, you will see brands such as Sonubaits, Sensas, Lemco, and Korda to name a few. We even have collapsible buckets from brands such as RidgeMonkey. Fishing buckets will range from prices of £3 for basic buckets to £50 for a bucket, riddle, and bait bowl set.


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