Specialist Fish Care

Whether it be barbel, big perch, monster carps or a mighty bream that you are specialising in, caring for the fish from the moment you hook it to the moment you place them back to their watery home is vital. As anglers, our priority is the safety of the fish as with the adequate fish care products you can avoid the specimen fish ending up injured, resulting in a reduction of life expectancy and growth. Keep those carp growing and ensure all the fish you catch whilst specialist fishing are given a calm, short break from the water before you return them as healthy as you caught them.

Unhooking Mats

This is the mat that you place your capture on whilst you unhook them. Mostly made with carps in mind, we stock a range of carp mats, carp fishing cradles and cribs which are all just as adaptable for the specimens you may be targeting. By placing your fish directly on the bank, you seriously risk damaging its scales because of the twigs, stones, and other bankside debris can be dangerously damaging for your capture. Specialist unhooking mats in our range are padded to create a firm and safe surface on which to rest your fish whilst you negotiate the hook from its mouth. Some unhooking mats have attached covers, designed for laying over the fish to keep them in the dark whilst you set up your weighing equipment. Also, remember to keep the mat wet– preferably with cold water directly from the lake. This is because a dry mat will strip the protective mucous layer from the fish, placing the fish at risk to diseases and damage.

Weigh Slings

For many anglers, knowing the weight of their capture is one of the most important aspects of angling. A fish weighing sling is where you place your capture in, to then hook around your scales in order to accurately weigh your fish. It’s important to hold the fish safely and securely whilst you weigh it.

Fish Care Accessories

We also stock a range of carp care kits, from Korda and Nash. These are medical kits which allow you to repair any damage you or other anglers may have accidentally caused. Placing a bit of medical serum into the mouth of the carp where it was hooked can help the hook wound to heal. If you want your carp to thrive and to continue to grow, these medical specialist fish care kits are vital additions to your tackle box.

Angling Direct aims to bring you the world’s best specimen fish care products at the lowest possible prices – as protecting your fish should not cost the earth!

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