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Carp Fishing Luggage

You’ve browsed the Angling Direct website and you’ve collected up all the tackle you could possibly need for a weekend of carp fishing – now what? Well, we think that you’ll probably be struggling to transport all the gear down to the bank with you without anywhere to put it, which is why we have created this impressive collection of carp fishing luggage – designed with the dedicated carp angler in mind. Proper purpose designed luggage is essential for any angler, no matter the amount of tackle you own. Whether your garage is filled to the rafters with rig bits, spare carp rods, and enough carp reels to last you a lifetime, or you’re just beginning your angling experience and have just enough tackle for a short session, adequate luggage is the only way that you’re able to ensure that the gear your using won’t have sustained damage in storage or in transit. This is where the Angling Direct carp fishing luggage collection comes in.

 Organisation on the bank is a key component in angling success – this is a verifiable fact which we’ve all experienced in our own angling time and time again. When we’re scrabbling around on the bank, searching for that vital terminal tackle item in every coat pocket, we’re not going to be fully focussed on our fishing. This puts us at risk of missing vital indications or worse. With a luggage system in place, you never need to waste time on the bank trying to locate your gear and you’ll never turn up having forgotten a vital tackle item at home. What’s more, all the carp luggage in our range has been designed to provide your tackle with the protection it requires, so you’ll never take out your items on the bank only to discover that they are damaged and unusable. We have a huge range of luggage options online and in store to ensure that all of your tackle items are properly catered for, whether they are your 14ft rods or your minute hooks. Here’s a brief run-down of all the different luggage options we have online and what they are best used for:

Accessory Bags

By far the largest range of luggage options we have on our site is our collection of accessory bags – although this is hardly surprising when you consider the quantity of angling accessories that we have available, too! Accessory bags are all purpose-designed, so you never have to worry about stowing your gear loose in the pockets of your larger tackle bags. Instead, you can be confident that your terminal tackle is stored perfectly, so it is ready to use on the bank when you need it. The accessory bags in our range cater for everything, from PVA pouches designed to store your PVA equipment, lead pouches for all your heavy tackle items, and even camera bags for you post-catch photography equipment!

All of the accessory bags that we stock have been built to last on the bank. This means that they’ll all feature top quality materials and heavy-duty easy-open zips. Many of them will have been designed to fit into other larger luggage items too, to give you a hyper-organised modular storage system which is completely customisable for your needs. Some of the bags in our range will have transparent lids, to ensure that you can easily identify the contents of the bag in a hurry, and others will have been fitted with external mesh pouches, so you can store your damp gear after use. When you’re looking for the perfect luggage item for your needs, it really is down to personal preference, as we’re confident that all the gear we stock is more than up to the job.

Rod Holdalls, Sleeves, and Quivers

From the smallest luggage items to the largest, we’re jumping to the next most popular luggage item we stock: the rod holdall. This is a product which is fairly self-explanatory, but that doesn’t stop there from being a huge variety to choose from online. Each manufacturer we stock has put their own little spin on this immensely popular product, in order to ensure that you’re able to choose the ideal carp rod holdall to suit your needs.

As the name suggests, the traditional rod holdall was designed to house your carp rods and a range of other tackle items. You’ll find that the largest of the holdalls in our range fit this bill perfectly. Many can hold in excess of three fully made up carp rods, as well as a handful of spares, as well as your banksticks, umbrellas, and landing net handles. In fact, if you own any long and thin item that you want to take down to the water’s edge, chances are that we’ll have a rod holdall in our range which has been fitted with a pouch designed to transport it there safely! These huge holdalls will often be densely padded, with separate compartments for each item of gear in order ensure that your tackle doesn’t hit against each other in transit, potentially causing damage. For the long session angler who likes to bring a lot of gear down to the bank, these mammoth holdalls are a great way to minimise the amount of time spent journeying to and from your car boot and to maximise the amount of time you spend with your rods out over the water.

However, as angling has changed over the years, we’ve found that fewer anglers want a large holdall which carries all their gear in one. Instead, the modern angler seems to be favouring a lighter weight approach which is ideal for mobile carp fishing. This is why you’ll find a compressive range of rod sleeves and quiver systems in our holdall range, too. A rod sleeve is a padded pouch designed to store one made up rod (usually, although, as with all things in fishing, there are exceptions to the rule). This sleeve might also have an additional external pocket for the storage of your banksticks or landing net handle, too. Rod sleeves vary in the amount of padding they provide. You’ll find that some sleeves are every bit as padded as a holdall, whereas others only offer limited padding. The latter is an excellent choice for the mobile angler, as it reduces the weight of sleeve, although the former will obviously provide more protection for your rod.

Whether you’re buying a holdall or a rod sleeve, you’ll want to bear in mind the size of your luggage. If you’re someone who fishes with a rod that has a transport size of 1.8mk (about the average for a 12ft carp rod), then you’ll want to make sure that your luggage is capable of housing this. Most products will state the length of the rod that they are capable of housing, but if you’re unsure it is always best to check prior to purchase by contacting our customer services team. Similarly, if you’re an angler who fishing with big pit carp reels or your rod is fitted with a 50mm butt guide, then you’ll want to check that your luggage is large enough to accommodate this, too.

Finally, we come to rod quivers. These are over-the-shoulder rod transportation systems which (usually) offer the most basic protection for your gear. The focus of a quiver system is transportability; ensuring that you can get from a-to-b with minimal fuss. These systems can range between tip and butt protectors on a shoulder strap right through to clip-on systems designed to be used in conjunction with a series of sleeves. These are often the preferred choice for the mobile carp angler who wants to have options on the bank whilst maintaining mobility.


So, you have all your accessories in their own pouches and your rod holdall is packed full with rods, buzz bars, and your landing net – what next? We think you’ll probably be after a larger carry bag for the storage of all your intermediately sized tackle items – including your spare spools, scales, and even those accessory bags that you’ve stuffed full with terminal tackle! This is why we have collected together the best angling carryalls and put them here, for you to browse through. We stock a huge variety of carryall systems in a wide range of sizes. This includes the smallest one-pouch carryalls which are designed to hold your spare clothing items and a few bits of tackle, right through to the largest multi-pocketed systems, which are perfect for the storage of all your tackle and accessories.

Most of the carryalls in our collection fall on the larger end of the spectrum – and with good reason too! We know that if you’re anything like us you’ll want to take as much gear as possible down to the bank in one go – giving you more time with your rods out over the water. This is also why our carryalls almost always offer a mix of shoulder straps and padded carry handles, in order to give you maximum versatility of manoeuvrability on the bank. Whether you’re someone who likes to sling all your tackle over your shoulder or you prefer to use carryalls in conjunction with a barrow system, these straps and handles ensure that you’re able to move the bag in the manner that you like without fuss.



Similarly, we also stock a complete range of rucksacks. These are ideal for the roving angler and are the perfect alternative to the carryall system for the angler who wants to be as mobile as possible on the bank. Almost all of the rucksacks in our range feature multiple heavy duty pockets. These are designed to allow you to forgo the accessory cases and instead store your terminal tackle items directly in your rucksack. Many of these pockets are also purpose designed for the storage of your rig wallets – more on these later. Some of the rucksacks come supplied with additional side straps, for the storage of your banksticks or net handles, too. A lot of the rucksacks in our range won’t only offer padded shoulder straps but they will also come fitted with a waist or chest buckle. This ensures that the weight of your gear is spread evenly over your torso and it reduces your risk of backache after a day of roving around the bankside. Many of the rucksacks you’ll see will either be manufactured from a waterproof material or they will feature an EVA base. This ensures that you’re able to set your gear down on the bank without worrying that it will soak up any muddy water – potentially causing damage to the contents of your bag as well as making it a nightmare to clean.

Cool Bags and Bait Bags

We stock both cool bags and bait bags in our collection – although often you’ll find somewhat of a crossover between the two. Our bait bags tend to be more targeted towards the storage of glug pots and pop ups, whereas our cool bags are designed with the storage of boilies, maggots, and other temperature sensitive baits in mind. All of the cool bags in our collection are heavily insulated, which prevents the cold air from escaping the bag, and you’ll see that most feature a foil-style lining. Not only is this wipe-clean, but it also helps to better insulate the bag. Of course, you don’t have to use your cool bag for the storage of your baits. You can also use it to store any food items that you might like to enjoy on the bank, as well as any water. For example, placing a package of sausages or bacon into your cool bag along with a couple of freezer blocks will ensure that you can enjoy a breakfast fry up without the worry that you’re going to give yourself food poisoning. In the summer months, there is nothing nicer than sipping cool water – which you can enjoy thanks to your cool bag.

Rig Wallets and Rig Storage

Whether you’re a chod fan, a zig lover, or you have your own unique rigging style, you want to be able to bring a variety of rigging options down to the bank with you. After all, even if you’re fishing the same swim two days straight, you never know what might change on the water and the rig that performed perfectly today might be as useless as anything tomorrow. This is why we stock a huge range of rig storage solutions – whether they are hard cased containers or soft padded rig wallets. You’ll find that a lot of the rig containers in our collection feature a foam padded inner, into which you can push your hooks. You’ll also find that some rig containers are fitted with a metal bar. You can latch your hook around this bar, preventing it from blunting and ensuring that your rig hangs straight. Some brands have even designed specific rig contains for specific rig types – for example, a curved container for the reinforced presentation of a chod rig.

Other Cases

Finally, we also stock a range of other cases which have all been purpose designed for specific tackle items. These include barrow and trolley add-ons, chair and bedchair bags, landing net bags, and reel cases. Nine times out of 10, these products will each have been designed with the storage of a specific brand and product in mind – for example, a bedchair bag designed for the easy storage and carrying of your bedchair.

As you can see, we have a huge selection of products for you to choose from. It goes without saying that we only stock these products because they have a proven track record on the bank and we pride ourselves in supplying you with gear from the biggest and best respected brands on the market. From dedicated specialists, such as NashFoxAqua or Trakker, right through to popular tackle brands such as Korda or Fox, we’re committed to bringing you the best luggage solutions that you can find. Our own brand Advanta luggage range is equally as impressive and we’re growing our carp luggage offerings year on year – so do check back to see all the new gear we have to offer you.