Specialist Catapults

For a specimen fish, nothing draws them into your swim more than a freebie of their favourite boilies or live bait. Unlike some of the smaller species of carp, the monster specimens such as a barbel that loves to hide in the bottom of the waters will need some encouragement in showing interest in your hookbait. A great way to reach those stubborn specimens is with a catapult.

Although the technique of spodding your bait has grown in popularity, many anglers prefer the catapult for its minimum level of disturbance to your swim and it is an ergonomic choice of bait loading.

Designed to offer specialist anglers a quick and efficient method to propel bait, catapults can reach that target area, whether it be a specimen redfish, a barbel or bream that you are stalking. Perfect for while you bait and wait, a catapult is both fun and easy to use. If you want to get your little one into the sport it is a great way to get them involved as they have fun catapulting pellet out to the horizon.

We, here, at Angling Direct stock catapults that come from the top brands in angling, as they're made with your needs in mind. We stock a great variety of Avid Carp, Korda and Fox catapults as well as catapult spares. In case your elastic snaps on you, we have a range of catapult elastic for sale so you do not have to replace the whole catapult!

To make the spreading of your choice of top quality specimen bait the most effective that it can be, you should consider both the range the catapult is capable of and the type of material the pouch is made from. Many catapults are made for all bait types, but you can get groundbait catapult that have a rounded bait cradle that neither crushes the bait in the stretching of the elastic or allows the groundbait ball to come rolling out during mid-aim.

We have a range of catapults, such as the Korda catapult has an anti-twist elastic to reduce poor shots as to increase the longevity of the elastic. These specialist catapults are perfect for baiting up with boilies and particles at short to medium range so you can go after the biggest fish around, aiming the bait to be catapulted to the top of gravel bars and large areas of shallow water surrounded by deeper water are some of the favoured spots of big bream and carp.

Although those bigger fish can often be right under your feet, catapulting a few freebies into any appealing spots – snags, bushes, alongside rush beds, can really up your catch rate.

Here at Angling Direct, we’re happy to say that fishing isn’t just our business – it’s also our passion. That’s why we’re always delighted to hear from our customers with any questions on any of our products or indeed any area of angling whatsoever. You can find all our contact information on our customer services page, or speak to us via any of our social media sites. We are active as @AnglingDirect on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to name a few.

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