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No matter how extensive your fly fishing collection of tackle may be, there’s always room for some improvement. The way we see it at Angling Direct, there’s really no such thing as being too prepared or having too much gear with you for the simple reason that you never know what you might need for that monster carp. And of course, the more conveniences and comforts you have with you, the more you’ll enjoy those day-long fishing outings!

Across our fly fishing miscellaneous tackle range, you’ll find all the bits and pieces of essential gear that don’t wholly fit in under the usual labels. Whether you’re looking for a hand-warmer to keep things toasty in the winter months, some technology to spy of the breams from FishSpy or something as simple as a set of screw-in studs for your well-loved fly fishing waders, rest assured that Angling Direct has you covered.

For that perfect spodding system at the bank, we stock bucket stands to hold your bait full buckets as well as power packs to give energy to those bivvy lights and radios.  We’ve scoured the markets of the UK and the world beyond to bring together a uniquely comprehensive collection of fishing accessories and supplies that not only cover all bases but suit all budgets. We understand how it’s often the norm for an angling gear retailer to stick with either ultra-premium products or entry-level accessories – we’re proud to be one of the few that ticks both boxes in spades.

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