Predator Bedchairs

All too often fishing can come down to patience rather than skill when waiting for a pike to snap up your lure. If you’re sat at the bank rubbing your aching joints or trying to stretch out that annoying crick in your neck, a top-quality bedchair may be your best bet.


The first of these is the frame material. Nine times out of ten, you’ll find that the bedchairs we stock will be manufactured from an aluminium frame. Aluminium is a favourite among bedchair manufacturers because it is not only durable and sturdy, but it is also incredibly lightweight.


Most of the bedchairs we stock will come in a ‘standard’ width (which, of course, is manufacturer depended). These tend to be more than wide enough for the average angler and, provided you’re not planning on moving around too much in the night, are more than adequate for your regular overnight or weekend session in a bivvy.

We also stock ‘wide boy’ bedchairs. These offer a precious few inches of additional width, which is ideal if you’re an angler on the more robust side of the spectrum. A wide boy bedchair is also ideal on your longer fishing sessions when you want to be as comfortable as possible.

One thing to bear in mind when you’re choosing you bedchair is how it will fit in your bivvy or shelter. If you’re someone who enjoys short session fishing, and as such you use smaller bivvies or brolly systems, then you might want to forgo the wider bedchair in favour of a smaller, lighter, and more compact alternative. On the other hand, if you are the proud owner of a more generously sized bivvy, or you’re a solo angler who uses a two man bivvy for optimum comfort, then a wide boy bedchair might be right up your street.

Legs & Feet

The legs of the bedchair are one of the most important things to look out for, as these determine how sturdy it is. You’ll most often find bedchairs with six legs, one at the head section, one at the top third, and one at the second third. This is the minimum amount of legs that a bedchair requires in order to be structurally stable and it supports the main areas of pressure (your head, your torso, and your thighs). You might also find some of the bedchairs in our range have eight legs.

If you are someone who fishes on uneven terrain that it will be very important to choose a bed chair with height adjustable legs, as this will determine whether or not you enjoy a good night of sleep or not. Swivel feet are another important factor in bedchair stability. Sometimes known as mud feet, swivel feet pivot to provide you with a completely level footing.


The amount of padding in the bedchair mattress will often impact on the price of the bedchair, with more expensive chairs offering thicker or more robust padding. The padding material can vary from traditional foam right through to advanced memory foam. The choice between these will probably come down to how long you’re likely to be spending on the bank. If you’re someone who enjoys quick overnighters and is going to spend as much time sitting on your bedchair as you do sleeping on it, then a traditional foam mattress is likely to be more than adequate. If you’re headed to the continent for long sessions, where you’ll be taking a separate day chair along with you, then you might be more interested in a memory foam mattress that is fully supportive.

Some of the mattresses we stock will also have dedicated ‘welly’ sections at the foot end of the bed. These are usually manufactured from a wipe clean material, such as nylon, and are ideal for the angler who likes to relax on the bank but who doesn’t want to run the risk of becoming flustered with footwear when their bite alarm cries.


Witness the incredible power of nature at dawn and dusk! As predators hunt for their prey, you can catch a glimpse of these fishes in action by setting up by the river with your fishing chair bed and other predator tackle essentials.

Predator Fishing Bedchairs

On the bank, your bivvy provides respite from the elements, and a top-notch bedchair will enhance that feeling. Unlike traditional predator fishing chairs, fishing bed chairs are foldable and adjustable, allowing them to be flattened into beds. 


What is the best sleep system for fishing?

Winter time calls for a uniquely tough sport, predator and pike fishing. To brave the freezing temperatures when setting out on this late-night endeavour, a pike angler needs to be prepared with a heavy-duty sleep system that can keep them warm throughout their session! Shop for bedchair sleep systems with 4-season sleeping bags or 5-season sleeping bags for ultimate protection against the elements in predator fishing season.


Best Pike Fishing & Camp Beds 

Among the fishing bedchairs found in this section are the leading brands from around the world, such as Trakker. Trakker offers wide bedchairs, warm sleep systems for fishing and high-quality fishing beds, great for night fishing and predator angling.

Furthermore, the best bedchairs on the market provide good support and posture control, as well as maximum comfort during long fishing trips. You can also find bedchair accessories such as bedchair buddy or bedchair covers or replacement bedchair legs on our online store.

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