Pike anglers understand that patience really is a virtue out on the bank, and this means setting up for the long haul on a session. Early starts to get your lines out before daybreak and bite alarm shrieks in the early hours are part and parcel with the many joys of pike angling. As passionate anglers ourselves, we know there is nothing worse than trying to set up in low level light or being woken up after darkness has fallen and trying to reel in a catch when you can’t see past the end of your nose. 

Fishing without proper lighting is not only ill-advised but also downright dangerous, and as funny as a story about pitching headfirst into the water might sound, the risk is very real. Our range of fishing lamps, head torches, and other lighting solutions ensure that you’re always ready to spring into action when pike locates your deadbait.  

We stock bivvy lights for when you don’t want your bed-time to be determined by the sun setting, head torches to light your way hands-free when you’re scrambling down the bankside after a catch, and bank lamps for when you’re setting up your kit before the sun comes up. In this way, we have lighting solutions for every possible eventuality, and there is no longer any excuse to let the sun dictate the hours you spend on the bank. All our fishing lights have been manufactured by angling experts. Brands like Fox, Chub, and Ridgemonkey sit shoulder to shoulder with lighting experts Petzl and LED Lenser – not only on our shelves but in terms of lighting quality too. We’re committed to making angling accessible to all and, with lights of all kinds coming in a variety of prices, budget need not inhibit your choice.


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