Specialist Barrows & Trolleys

Stocking more barrows than trolleys, Specialist anglers will find a barrow will help transport the massive array of gear from car to bank. it is likely when fishing for specimen fish for you to tackle a long or overnight session so more often than not you will be carrying extra luggage than if you were on a short bank session. We, here at Angling Direct, are proud to put its name to an extensive collection of fishing barrows and trolleys sourced from the industry’s most trusted names.


One of the most important things to consider when you’re investing in a top-quality fishing barrow is its size. Our range begins with barrows which give you a base to pack all your gear onto. The range progresses through to barrows with their own under bags, these are bags that attach to the base of the barrow and hang down behind the front wheel, ideal for the storage of your heaviest gear, including your bait. We also stock fully adjustable barrows. These have extending sides and an extending front, allowing you to carry more when you need it.

However, the amount of gear your barrow can carry is only the first aspect that you need to look into when you’re investing in a top-quality fishing barrow. The pack down size of your barrow is as important as the amount of gear it can hold – after all, you need to be able to fit it in your boot, most barrows will involve some sort of disassembly.


The standard barrow has a single wheel, which is usually placed towards the front of the barrow. This is in tandem with two rear feet, which provide a stand for the barrow when you’re loading and unloading your tackle – much like a traditional wheelbarrow. The single wheel setup is by far the most popular as it allows you to negotiate most terrains with minimal effort.

The second most popular barrow wheel configuration is a three-wheel setup. These are favoured by the angler who likes to carry a lot of gear down to the bank, as well as the angler why knows they will be walking long distances to and from their swim or peg.


Once you’ve got your barrow you want to start looking at the wide range of accessories that we have to offer. Our fishing barrow accessories provide you with additional storage space on your barrow. Panniers, or side bags allow you to hang tackle from the side of your barrow as well as stacking it on top. You will find that some of the panniers we stock have been specially designed with specimen bait storage in mind.

Angling Direct also stock barrow straps, additional bars and covers to protect the barrow when setting up in the rain or during the barrow is not in use at home.

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