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Fishing Cooking Equipment. Stoves, Kettles, Plates, Smokers

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Whether you lay in your bedchair with a stomach full of hot food or wake up to the thought of a hearty full English breakfast, long session angling is complete with the bankside essentials of cooking equipment. A plate of hot food or a simple cup of tea can do wonders after a long day. Angling Direct have done our very best to sell the cooking kit you need.


The vital piece of cooking gear providing heat to cook, boil and toast your nutrients is a stove. When you’re investing in your angling stove, look at fuel the stove is powered by. Most cooking stoves are gas-powered and we also stock a range of different gas canisters. We also stock petrol and fluid powered stoves. We’d recommend that you invest in a stove with a good fuel-to-energy conversion rate that is economical to power. For the most part, you’ll find that the stoves we stock have piezo-electronic ignition systems. This is an ultra-reliable ignition system that creates an electrical spark to ignite the gas.

You might be tempted to go for the smallest stove to limit the space and weight of your gear but it’s worth bearing in mind the size of the burner as well as the size of the support stands as this will determine the size of the kettle or pan that you can place on the stove. Social anglers may benefit from a larger burner – allowing you to cook with larger pans, whereas a smaller burner will probably do the trick for you if you’re mostly a solo angler.

Also consider that a stove with a low power output will produce lower heat, making cooking and boiling time longer, whereas a high-power stove will be able to produce heat much quicker. However, these do not necessarily always equate to combustion efficiency.


Once you’ve got your stove sorted you can look into purchasing a fishing kettle. After all, who doesn’t love a brew on the bank? We stock kettles in a range of sizes and, once again, the type of kettle you’ll want will depend on your needs on the bank. If you’re someone who constantly has a fresh cuppa in your hand then it might be an idea to invest in a larger kettle so you can heat up your water in one go, adding a little additional heat in between cups. If you’re a solo angler that enjoys the odd brew then we’d recommend investing in a smaller kettle as it will be less bulky and weighty and takes less time to heat the water with each boil, making it more energy-efficient.

Pots and Pans

Without a top-quality pot or pan, how on earth are you going to heat up your soup or fry up your breakfast? Our range of simple pots and frying pans are perfect for cooking pasta, soups, frying some meat, etc. The ideal pot, pan, or toaster will be non-stick in case you have to leave food in the pan when the bite alarm sounds or it’s a while until you get to wash them. As an added bonus, we sell cookware bundles. Invest in a matching set of pots, pans, and a kettle for a coordinating cooking kit. These sets are often interlocking which allows for compact storage.

Plate and Cutlery Sets

We stock a range of cutlery, plates, and dining sets – all of which have been designed with angling in mind. From interlocking cutlery that won’t leave you rummaging through the bottom of your luggage for your spoon to a neatly packaged dining set complete in its own carry bag, there is a huge range of options of for you to choose from.

Mugs, Cups, and Bottles

Similarly, we stock a wide range of mugs, cups, and bottles from which you can drink all manner of liquids. We also stock a range of thermal flasks, designed to keep hot liquids warm for extended periods of time, they will keep cold liquids cold, too! Finally, we also stock a range of water carriers.

If all this gear wasn’t enough to be getting on with, we also stock a range of cooking accessories. This includes spare gas canisters, gas canister sleeves (to keep your gas performing at an optimum level in sub-zero conditions), and windshields (to preserve heat and prevent the stove from being extinguished).

With an extensive range of market-leading cooking utensils and accessories from the world’s foremost brands, Angling Direct stock the products from Coleman, Trakker, and Chub and more. We also stock RidgeMonkey equipment, that has been taking the angling world by storm with their innovative products such as its sandwich toaster! Our Advanta range also has a comprehensive collection of cooking equipment for anglers on a budget.