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Coarse & Match Fishing Bestsellers

The popularity of coarse fishing and match fishing has grown exponentially over the years, in the UK and throughout Europe. Coarse and match angling are now among the most popular sports, in slow rivers, streams, canals, lakes, and fishing ponds.

Match Fishing:

Anglers enter a challenge to land the biggest haul of fish from a selected area of a venue in an allotted amount of time.

Coarse Fishing:

The capture and return of a variety of freshwater species from the UK. From roach and rudd to bream and carp, but not including salmon or trout.

Match Fishing Gear

  • Match Fishing Rod & reel OR fishing pole
  • Seat box
  • Keepnet
  • Fishing bait
  • Bait stand or Bucket
  • Fishing trolley

Angling Direct offers a great range of match fishing tackle for anglers of all skill levels, from beginners to enthusiasts. From pole fishing, float fishing, and feeder fishing to other match techniques, Angling Direct has the essentials to cover your match day!

Whether you're planning a weekend of spinning or surface fishing, or just want to sit by a pond to peacefully enjoy a day of fishing, we have a product for everyone and for different techniques. fishing.

Coarse Fishing Tackle Essentials

In this section, you will find only the best offers on coarse fishing rods: from the classic spinning rod to telescopic fishing rods. You will also find plentiful coarse fishing reels (mostly fixed spool reels), bait riddles, transport trolleys, mounted leaders, coarse fishing landing nets, bait boxes, disgorgers, coarse clothing, and all other accessories like floats for waggler fishing.

Looking for the latest items to enter our fishing selection? Head on over to the New Arrivals page! Be sure to also keep up to date with fishing rules and regulations surrounding coarse fishing in the UK.

Coarse Fishing Bundle

We've even made a series of coarse fishing starter kits that save money on a range of mixed products, specially selected by our team of anglers to give you the best tackle for any season, and attract fish. The selection of coarse fishing kits is updated seasonally, so you can be sure that the fishing tackle on offer will improve your coarse fishing success. Most of our fishing tackle packs come with a rod and reel combo and some line or terminal tackle.

Fishing Clothing & Umbrellas

We want you to feel comfortable from head to toe and fully equipped at your fishing spot. We have something for everyone in our range of fishing clothing, plus a whole range of umbrellas and shelter systems so you never have to turn away from the river banks because of the rain again.

Top Fishing Brands

We are proud to offer one of the largest ranges of Maver Tackle for coarse fishing, confirming our status as a superb tackle supplier. We stock a full range of tackle from other leading tackle suppliers including Guru, Preston, and Drennan. As the main Daiwa distributor in the UK, we can also offer exclusive offers on a number of Daiwa fishing tackle items, especially spinning rods, and reels.

Best Bait for Coarse Fishing

Bait is the key to coarse fishing for any angler, and we have a comprehensive selection of coarse fishing bait from unique brands such as SonuBaits, Mainline, and Dynamite Baits. Whether you are looking for pellets, boilies, ground baits, or floating boilies, we have something for you. We also have a full line of liquids, glugs, and additives so you can create dreamy flavors to entice your fish.

For fresh live baits such as maggots and worms, be sure to shop at your local Fishing Tackle Shop. Find your nearest Angling Direct with our Store Finder. Where are the Coarse Fishing Lakes Near Me? - You can also pop in-store to speak to our angling coaches and experts about a match and coarse fishing venues.

Our fishing blog also publishes regular tips, tricks, and guides to get an edge in your course and match-angling sessions. ADTV over on Youtube features our match fishing experts who review many of the best fishing gear in our catalog whilst sharing their latest catches. 


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