Fly Fishing Reels

Fly fishing is one of the oldest of the angling disciplines, and, with a number of keen fly anglers in our ranks, it’s only right that we stock a comprehensive range of fly fishing reels for UK waters. Fly reels truly are a vital bit of gear, and a good fly fishing reel can make all the difference between a pleasurable and a disappointing session.

Whether you need fly fishing reels for trout, chub or catching roach, we have a variety of fly fishing reels for sale to get you that next PB. We stock a wide collection of reels designed for fly fishing success, including centrepin and drag reels. 

What Equipment Do You NEED to Start Fly Fishing?

With brands like J W Young, Wychwood, Greys, and Hardy making up the numbers in our catalogue, you can be confident that whichever fly reel you settle on will more than do the job, no matter your budget. We also have our own centrepin reels, especially for fly fishing. Advanta is the brand we are proud to call our own, and we’ve carefully designed our centrepin reels with some of the best fly anglers in our team to create a product that not only looks good but performs like a dream, too.

Fly fishing reels have been designed to cover a range of situations. They can be used on a range of venues from small rivers and lakes for brown trout, rainbow trout and salmon to large reservoirs for larger trout and pike. so there are many types of fly reels within our range to allow the angler to have the right tools for the job.

With a number of keen fly anglers in our ranks, at Angling Direct we stock a wide range of fly fishing reels from many of the leading suppliers of fly reels such as Greys, Daiwa, Snowbee and Wychwood to name just a few

Looking to match up your new fly reel with a fly rod, then be sure to check out our range of fly fishing rods. If you are looking for a new fly fishing set up, then check out our fly rod and fly reel combos, which are perfectly balanced for the style of fly fishing you wish to do

Want to check out one of our fly reels in person? Why not find a Fishing Tackle Shop near you in Angling Directs Store Finder?

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