Fishing Line

Without the most appropriate fishing line for your own fishing style, you simply cannot expect to improve your success rates and land that elusive catch.

Whether you’re looking for a carp fishing line to target your personal best fish or you’re after a predator line for the finesse of lure movement, you can rest assured that we have just what you’re looking for. Remember, lines can become tired over multiple seasons, especially lines that have stretch and memory, so it’s important to change the line regularly.

What Line Do I Need For Fishing?

There are 3 main types of fishing lines; monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braids all with different weights and sizes that can affect their performance. Your choice of fishing line depends on many things such as your choice of bait presentation (from floats to fishing lures), the water conditions, the species you are targeting, the reel you use, the color of the line, and more! For an in-depth guide to all these fishing line features and which line type, diameter, and color are best for you, read our Fishing Line Buyers Guide over on the AD blog.

Our range features dozens of lines and line types from the world’s foremost authorities in the field, each of which has been personally selected and approved by our in-house expert team. Every household name makes an appearance, including Korda, X Line, Daiwa and so many more. The right line really can and will make all the difference in the world, and we aim to stock only the best – no matter your choice you’re getting the highest quality for value line the market can offer.


Fishing Line: Your Essential Link to Successful Angling

In the world of angling, the fishing line is far more than a mere link between you and your prize catch. It's an essential tool that can greatly enhance your angling success. Here at Angling Direct, we appreciate this crucial role and aim to make your selection process as straightforward as possible. Whether you're a novice angler aiming to land your debut carp, or an experienced pro refining your lure finesse, our vast selection is here to cater to your unique needs.

Monofilament Fishing Line: The Jack of All Trades

Monofilament fishing line is perhaps the most common type of line among anglers. Its versatility, easy handling, and general affordability make it a popular choice for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Mono lines provide excellent knot strength and are suitable for a wide range of fishing situations. However, they can lose strength over time and absorb water, making regular replacement necessary to ensure peak performance.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line: The Invisible Advantage

Fluorocarbon lines are loved for their almost invisible nature when submerged, offering a stealthy approach to wary fish. These lines have a higher density than monofilament, providing rapid sink rates for those deeper water scenarios. Additionally, fluorocarbon lines offer excellent abrasion resistance, making them a reliable choice when fishing around sharp rocks and debris. It's worth noting, though, they can be stiffer and less manageable than other line types.

Braided Fishing Line: Strength and Sensitivity Combined

Braided fishing lines are renowned for their strength-to-diameter ratio, offering a much thinner line for the same test strength. This compact nature allows for longer casting distances and better sensitivity to detect those subtle bites. Braid lines also exhibit zero stretch, which provides a high level of feedback during the fight. However, the visibility of braided lines can sometimes be a disadvantage in clear water conditions.

Curated Collection of Top-Brand Fishing Lines

Angling Direct is your destination for quality and performance. Our selection showcases a wide variety of fishing lines, including braided fishing line, fluorocarbon fishing line, and more. Each line has been handpicked from leading global brands by our expert team, assuring you of top-notch quality at every purchase.

Elevate Your Angling Experience

Invest in your angling success with Angling Direct. Our catalogue offers something for everyone, regardless of your preferred angling style or level of experience. And remember, all fishing lines need replacement over time to maintain their optimal performance.

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