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We, here at Angling Direct, are proud to stock a huge range of fishing reels for anglers across the disciplines. Buying a reel is one of the first things you consider when looking to build your own tackle collection, but the choice can be intimidating.

Materials and Components

All reels have a spool, which is the area that the line is wound around, and the frame/body of the reel. Most reels will boast a frame manufactured from a high-performance carbon material. Shimano’s top-end reels use Ci4 in their framework whereas Daiwa reels will use Air Metal or Zaion – which are magnesium-based. Fly and centrepin reels will often use aero-grade aluminium rather than a carbon-based material, so consider your discipline when looking.

Also, consider how much the reel weighs and the reel’s torque resistance (or rigidity) which are important for longevity and intensive situations. Most reels will use some form of rotor and gearing to get their spool turning. With the internal reel mechanisms, it is often just as important to look for a reel that boasts precision and alignment to ensure strength or durability.

Bearings also contribute to quality and longevity with options such as stainless-steel bearings, roller bearings and corrosion resistant ball bearings (especially useful in saltwater reels). Bearings reduce the pressure points on the internal reel components, reducing friction and ensuring the reel is smooth running, clean casting and pleasant retrieval. Some reels have an ‘anti-reverse’ ball bearing, used to prevent back play.

Almost every reel in our range features certain line lay which refers to the way the line sits on the spool, having a serious impact on casting ability. Also regard the drag operation of the reel, if it has a single or double handle and gear ratio. There are two types of drag operation: rear drag or front drag. Rear drag is normally considered easier to operate because of its position on the back of the spool. However, it usually can’t withstand the force of a big fish and a reel with front drag is preferable in these conditions. Lots of reels will combine a front drag system with a ‘free-spool’ lever (baitrunner system).

Fixed Spool Reels

A popular choice is fixed spool reels from the top end Daiwa Basiair reel range right down to cheaper reels from Lineaeffe. Fixed spool reels are sometimes known as spinning reels and have grown in popularity across the disciplines as they hang below the fishing rod and have a handle, used for line retrieval, on one side. The side on which you mount the handle is dependant on your dominant hand for casting and the other for cranking.

There are a huge variety of fixed spool reels such as big pit reels that are ideal for sea fishing, as they can hold a lot of line enabling them to cast far beyond the surface. Carp anglers also enjoy this distance casting!

Reels are sized with a four-digit number: small reels are anything from 1,000-3,500, medium reels between 4,000-5,500, and large reels can exceed 6,000. Mid to large size reel is ideal for British carp fishing.

Multiplier Reels

Great for sea fishing reels from the shore, multiplier reels (baitcasters/ overhead reels), are popular for their gear line retrieve, meaning one turn of the handle results in multiple turns of the spool, aiding with pulling in large fish over rough ground. Mounted on top of the rod, rather than underneath it, multiplier reels reel is built on a caged structure, with the spool held completely inside the reel. The multiplier fishing reel is operated on one side by a handle and a braking system on the other, with the choice between centrifugal braking (pin system) and magnetic braking. The one major drawback with multipliers is the ease with which they can bird’s nest but the experienced angler will benefit from multiplier reels as come in a variety of sizes to tailor to your fishing. Smaller reels are suited to clean ground fishing and a larger reel the better option for rough ground retrieval. Abu Garcia is renowned for producing multipliers at the cutting edge of technology, as is Daiwa.

Centrepin Reels

The centrepin reel rotates around a centre pin/spindle and is very popular for coarse anglers looking to target the margins for heavy carp. Most centrepin reels operate on a zero drag system, meaning that the angler has full control over the speed of their spool, controlled by the angler’s thumb. If you’re a fan of trotting then a centrepin can give an exceptionally smooth performance to entice roach and chub. Exceptionally low maintenance, centrepin reels only require you to remove the drum, wipe clean, and apply a little oil to keep everything moving smoothly.

Fly Reels

Fly reels often operate on cassette systems that come supplied with multiple spools and are equipped with a drag system, which not only prevents the spool overrun but also aids the angler when reeling in a fighting fish. They also release line in the traditional manner, rather than out of the side of the spool. The ‘arbour’ refers to the size of the spool and, more importantly, the amount of line it can hold. graded using the AFTM classification, which is also used with line and rods, it is easy to make the ultimate fly fishing setup. G Loomis reels and Hardy reels are both highly regarded in the fly-fishing industry.

Angling Direct is also proud to stock a variety of spare spool options and reel accessories to help with reel maintenance.