Specialist Umbrellas

Unlike the regular British brolly, a fishing umbrella is made to withstand the elements, come rain or shine. There may be a cost to pay but this means no sudden gust of wind turning your brolly inside out or a leak happening after the third downpour. With a specialist fishing umbrella, you can be sheltered during those shorter sessions in specimen angling without the concerns of your cover from the elements failing you.

Weather in the UK is mostly accompanied with showers of rain off and on with some occasional sunny spells. Both elements require the need for an umbrella. A bit of rain in you and your gear can make you both damp and cold for a session whereas the sun beating down on your head can give you heat stroke and seriously burn the back on your neck! So even if you are planning just a few hours why the lake, be prepared as the weather can change in the blink of an eye! We stock a range of umbrellas, including brolly systems. These are a fishing brolly with storm sides. The sides are often pegged into your terrain and offer that little extra protection from the elements. The rain never falls directly downwards and so these sides are great when the rain is coming at an angler underneath the umbrella.

We also stock lightweight fishing umbrellas for the travelling specialist angler that does not want to add too much to that fishing barrow! Despite the umbrellas being light in weight, it in no way compromises the strength of the brolly against windy conditions. Many of the fishing umbrellas you will find under this section sports a spike at the end of the pole. This spike is made to go directly into the terrain meaning your umbrella is given a sturdy set up. You may not be happy with the way the pole is anglers but not to worry, many of the poles on umbrellas can be anglers so that the top of the frame can be manipulated to an angler that offers you the most coverage, no matter what way the wind is blowing or your height.

Your bog-standard brolly won’t be anywhere near large enough to adequately cover both you and your vital bits of tackle and that is why most angling brollies, like the Korum fishing umbrellas, come in sizes upwards of 50”, so they are more than capable of keeping both you and your essentials nice and dry.

We also stock a full range of brolly systems for when the weather looks set in for a long day of wind and rain. These brolly systems come either with or without front covers, meaning that you can pick the brolly system best suited to your needs. A brolly with a front cover can easily be converted into a small bivvy-like shelter that is perfect for a quick overnighter, so if you’re an angler who can only get onto the water for short sessions at a time, or who likes to remain mobile on the banks and not get bogged down with a larger bivvy structure, our range of carp brolly systems will be perfect for you.

As always, if you would like a little help picking out your perfect carp umbrella there is no better place to start than our blog. We’re constantly reviewing all the best new products from the brolly world, so if you’re after a spark of inspiration why not have an amble through our blog archive? If you would like personalised assistance, why not give our customer services team a ring? Our team are more than happy to help with any angling query you may have.

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