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As a British company constructed of avid carp anglers, we know exactly how fickle the Great British weather can be. What starts out as a beautiful day could soon turn dank and drizzly. Not ones to let a spot (or two) of rain get in the way of a perfectly good day’s fishing, we always have an umbrella with us on the bank. That’s why we stock a whole host of umbrellas and brolly systems on our Angling Direct site, so you never again need to let a touch of precipitation stop play on the bank.

Why is a fishing umbrella important?

For short session carp anglers, either in the sun or rain, you need protection from the element that can house yourself, bait and tackle which most umbrellas on our site can offer without breaking the bank like a big shelter might! The benefit of a fishing brolly system to a bivvy is also the setup time. In a matter of minutes, with less frustrating steps, a brolly can be up just in time before the rain starts to fall!

Whilst the everyday brolly that you can pick up at any old shop will do the job of keeping the water off you, they are simply not cut out for angling. The biggest holdback of a standard umbrella is that you need at least one hand to hold it, maybe two if you’ve got a big enough one to cover more than one person, so all our angling umbrellas are designed to either spike into the ground behind you chair, leaving both your hands-free for when the carp strikes. 

Not only does carp fishing brollies keep the rain off you without having to hold them, but your bog-standard brolly won’t be anywhere near large enough to adequately cover both you and your vital bits of tackle. Angling brollies come in sizes upwards of 50”, so they are more than capable of keeping both you and your essentials nice and dry as there is nothing worse than the rain beading down your back and pooling on the seat of your fishing chair!

Carp fishing brollies are not just good for keeping a drizzle of rain at bay. A carp fishing umbrella is a perfect solution for the sun and heat ruining your session. An umbrella allows you to stay on the bank in complete comfort. By putting up your umbrella you create a large shadow over you and your gear, keeping you sheltered from the worst of the sun’s rays all day. Sunlight contains UV rays which you can read more on the brollies main page, but you need to ensure you protect your skin and tackle from all element types come rain or shine!  A top quality umbrella and bait umbrella combination allow you to do just this.

What should I look for in a carp brolly?

All of our carp fishing brollies come with a range of features that are worth considering when it comes to narrowing down the best option for your bankside shelter.  

Waterproofing - All of the umbrellas that we stock, here at Angling Direct, are guaranteed to be waterproof, however, it is worth looking out for a hydrostatic head rating if you’re looking for a brolly to get you through the stormy weather expected on autumn and winter fishing sessions. When considering how waterproof an umbrella may be, look to see whether or not its seams are taped. By taping seams of the fabric shut, manufacturers can create an additional barrier against the water at this weakest point of the fabric, preventing any leakages in even the heaviest of downpours.

Fabric -  It’s worth remembering that your umbrella isn’t only a valuable asset in the more miserable angling conditions, and the thickness of the umbrella fabric can help with sun protection. The thickness is specified in denier ratings (D).

Sizing - Consider the angler sitting under the umbrella when looking into brolly sizes. For example, taller anglers will certainly benefit from a taller umbrella so when sitting in their fishing chair their head is not hitting the support of the brolly! Alternatively, you can shop for low profile brollies that ensure the wind does not sweep them away. Size can cover both the span on the shelter provides by the brolly and the length the arm of the brolly can reach. This is measured in inches, by looking at the length of the rib and then doubling it.

Central boss and Umbrella structure - The central boss is the area of the brolly that slides up the pole and houses the spokes. Ideally, you’ll want the boss to be as flush to the roof of the brolly as possible to maximise the internal space for yourself and your fishing tackle. It is worth looking at the material that the arms (or spokes) of your brolly are manufactured from. Some manufacturers use fibreglass in their arm construction, to minimise the weight of the brolly, whereas others will rely on more traditional materials.

Brolly pole types -  Much like all things in carp angling, you want a pole to be lightweight and durable. Many brolly poles are manufactured from either carbon, stainless steel, or aluminium, with carbon being the lightest of the three but stainless steel the most durable. With the arm or pole of the brolly, you also want to consider how to secure it. The most common fixing of the carp fishing brolly is a spike attached to the end of the pole which can be pushed into soft terrain. In addition, the umbrella may have pegging points, like shelters which are common in umbrellas with sides or of hermit shapes. Some fishing umbrellas just have a standard handle at the end of its pole that you can either hold in a hand or use attachments such as a brolly arm to add to a fishing chair set up.

Umbrella colour - Carp anglers love to keep discreet, that is why we stock carp fishing brollies that help you camouflage you into your surroundings. Black, browns, camo, greens and khaki are the colour patterns that will help blend you and your shelter option into the natural wildlife found at the bankside.

What is the best carp fishing umbrella?

The best carp umbrella is a choice dependant on what you require from your angling shelter. Depending on the angler and their usage, will depend on the shape you choose, whether its flatback, hermit or portable dome-type umbrellas! We, here at Angling Direct stock a range of brands that product top-notch brollies such as Fox,  Daiwa, Aqua, and many more! Most carp brollies are essentially a mini-bivvy, perfect if you half plan on staying out overnight, but definitely can’t make a proper weekend of it.

When it comes to types of carp brollies, the hermit brolly offers all-round protection by letting you secure the sides to the terrain. Similar to the fishing umbrella with sides, a hermit type brolly offers extra material to secure to the ground with pegs as well as extra space for luggage to stay dry. These brollies will often have flat backs and long storm sides, designed for resting directly on the ground. A flatback brolly will enable a flat surface to be fixed too whilst ensure the rest of the brolly is structures to encourage rain to pour to the back of the umbrella where you are completely covered, instead of near the entrance of the shelter. 

You can set up your chair and tackle under the shelter of the hermit brolly, allowing you to sit on the bank perfectly protected from the very worst of the elements. Anglers who have come from a carp fishing background will recognise this style of angling, which is generally associated with mobile carp fishing. These umbrellas usually come without storm poles and you’re unable to remove their central erection pole, too.

You will find some portable brollies are more rounded in structure, ideal for holding when moving to and from your bivvy to rod set up and some are squared, ideal to use for covering your luggage, extra tackle or bait station.

We also stock a full range of brolly systems for when the weather looks set in for a long day of wind and rain. These brolly systems come either with or without front covers, meaning that you can pick the brolly system best suited to your needs. A brolly with a front cover can easily be converted into a small bivvy-like shelter that is perfect for a quick overnighter, so if you’re an angler who can only get onto the water for short sessions at a time, or who likes to remain mobile on the banks and not get bogged down with a larger bivvy structure, our range of carp brolly systems will be perfect for you.

Want to know more about Carp Fishing Umbrellas?

As always, if you would like a little help picking out your perfect carp umbrella there is no better place to start than our blog. We’re constantly reviewing all the best new products from the brolly world, so if you’re after a spark of inspiration why not have an amble through our blog archive? If you would like personalised assistance, why not give our customer services team a ring? Our team are more than happy to help with any angling query you may have.

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