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Despite the popularity of pole fishing, sometimes you can’t beat a rod. Whether you’re popping down to the bank for some pleasure angling or you’re headed off for a hard-fought competition, there are plenty of incredibly rewarding ways of catching coarse fish using a rod and having a few rods options in your collection could really make the difference between match victory and disappointment. Our shelves are stocked with a huge variety of match rods but there are three main types of rod in this section; Feeder, Float and Avon.

Key Features

Most of the rod blanks in our collection is constructed from a form of carbon fibre which aims to offer you the perfect mix between casting power, fish playing potential, durability, and low weight. Different rod companies employ different materials and construction methods and will refer to the carbon used in their rods using in terms of its modulus rating. The higher the modulus rating, the stiffer the rod blank will be which ensures that your rod will offer you the kind of responsiveness that you require to identify positive bites with incredible accuracy.

Much like other rods, these blanks will be fitted with guides and a reel seat. Since most coarse fishing scenarios will require you to cast short to mid-range distances, your line guides will often start with a 40mm butt ring and will come between 16mm and 14mm. It is most probable that you will be using a fixed spool reel when you match fishing, and so the reel seat on your rod is better to be DPS style.

The handle on your rod will ensure security and comfort. Usually, match rod handles are made from EVA or cork. The traditional option is cork which is both heat retaining and offers exceptional grip in even cold or damp conditions. However, EVA is growing in prominence thanks to the ease with which it can be moulded into ergonomic shapes as well as its improved durability.

Feeder Rods

Also known as quiver tip rods or leger rods, feeder rods are the most popular rod option in our coarse and match fishing range as it is used for bottom bait fishing, without the use of a float. Ideal for the coarse angler who is looking to target larger commercial carp or bottom-feeding coarse fish, a feeder rod used with a feeder bait system, (open cage feeder or a modern method feeder) provides angling success.

Feeder rods tend to come supplied with between one and three quiver tips manufactured from carbon fibre, that differ in optimal casting weighting. This provides you with a changeable sensitivity, giving the rod great versatility and ensuring that you can target a variety of venues and water conditions such as fishing in a river with a strong flow where a heavier quiver tip setup is best. Likewise, a bigger fish, such as barbel or carp, will require a tip which is able to handle a heavier terminal tackle setup and the opposite is true for smaller fish.

The overall feeder rod length can range between 9ft- 12ft so you can confidently cast with accuracy over a whole range of distances. Shorter rods are better suited to close range angling and target the margins whereas longer 11ft or 12ft rod options are ideal for intermediate distance fishing.

Float Rods

The next most popular coarse and match rods are float rods. Used for float fishing on the surface or to register bites lower down in the water column, floater rods come as a match rod (commercial rod) or as a pellet waggler rod. These rods are typically long and thin and have been specially designed for waggler fishing when you use a float to distribute pellets through the water column as you can cast reasonable distances with most float rods being 10ft or longer. Float rods are especially light in weight, to ensure that they are delicate enough to hook and play a small fish without causing it harm. The power in these rod blanks is also capable of negotiating larger species, too.

Avon Rods

Born from anglers fishing the river Avon, Avon rods are typically intended for smaller barbel, bream, and chub. Traditionally, these rods have a test curve of 1lb, so they are perfectly geared up for the smaller species. However, today test curves of 1.25lb or greater are more common. Much like feeder rods, Avon rods come supplied with different tip options which help to improve the versatility of the rod’s performance. Lengthwise, an Avon rod tends to come in between 11 and 13 ft.

Rod Protection

We also stock rod bands and tip protectors which are designed to hold the rod and tip together in transit or to protect the tip and butt section of a fully made-up rod. Many anglers choose a more robust luggage option for their coarse and match rods but these rod protection options are ideal for the angler who likes to travel light.