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Many seasoned anglers are increasingly looking for ways to get ahead of the game. Bait boats provide a technologically advanced solution to the problem of accurate bait distribution and, from quiet estate lakes too much larger inland seas, the right bait boat can ensure you attain a higher catch rate than pretty much anything else out there. Bait boats aren’t used for baiting alone, they can also ensure that your hook bait is precisely positioned amongst your freebies – allowing you to target areas that you won’t be able to with traditional casting methods.

Top FAQs on Fishing Bait Boats

What is the purpose of a bait boat?

A bait boat is a craft used for the transportation of fishing bait particles, end tackle, and hook baits to a designated location. Fishing spots that are otherwise hard to reach can now be reached with the help of this device, so anglers can target areas that aren't accessible by traditional casting methods.

Mostly used for carp angling and for predator fishing, bait boats are used by those looking for ways to get ahead of the game. A bait boat provides a technologically advanced solution to the problem of distributing bait accurately.

Check out reasons why we love bait boats in our Buyers Guide.

Information on bait boats for carp anglers can be read on our dedicated Carp Fishing Bait Boat page.

We also stock bait boats for pike fishing and predator anglers, with dead bait boat information on our Predator Fishing Bait Boat page.

How Does a Bait Boat Work?

With a handheld radio remote control, a fishing bait boat can be navigated virtually anywhere on any given site. Signal ranges will differ between models, meaning some boats can travel further than others.

Most bait boats will either have one main, or two hoppers (the area of the boat where you store the bait). These hoppers tend to have opening and closing doors beneath them. Depending on the model, the hoppers may even be individually accessible. There will also be a difference in the loading capacity between the different models of hoppers.

How well a bait boat works can also depend on the battery life of the boat, range (how far out it can go), propulsion, lights, and remote features. Some bait boats will operate external rig droppers, allowing you to safely attach your end tackle and fishing tackle to your bait boat.

How do you fish with a bait boat?

The bait boat is used by many anglers for pre-baiting because it is easier and faster to get large quantities of feed into your intended swim on a carp fishing bait boat, but many carp anglers also use it to send out their fishing rigs.

What is the best bait boat for fishing?

Anglers looking for advanced bait distribution setups can find success with brands such as Angling Technics, Future Carping, RidgeMonkey, and more. Each of the fishing bait boats we stock at Angling Direct has been extensively vetted by us personally for quality, performance, and value for money.

We stock some bait boats with additional features which may benefit your fishing further, depending on your fishing style. Some modern fishing bait boats come with a built-in GPS for locating your bait boat on the water, some have a fish finder attached for mapping out the swim you send your bait boat into. Anglers should note that bait boats with these features will cost more. All bait boats fall in the price range of £450 - £2000.

How accurate is bait boat GPS?

It is interesting to learn that GPS systems are only accurate to about 1 to 8 feet. GPS bait boats have a place in the industry and can be very very effective if used correctly. Currently, there is some amazing technology available. The average run time for bait boats is 2-3 hours from full charge but there are some upcoming, economical boats on the market with a 6-hour battery life!

If the Bait Boat fails, it will automatically return to its home spot saved on the GPS if it is set to a safe setting using GPS. The idea is actually not a bad one and does work if the remote is lost or the boat is disconnected.


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