Coarse & Match Fish Care Products

Match and coarse fishing are one of the most popular forms of angling. If you're new to the sport, or just need a refresher on the basics, this page will cover everything you need to take care of your catches during a match fishing session. We'll take a look at some essential fish care products and fish care brands that every match angler should have in their tackle armoury. Let's get started!

What Fish Care Items Do I Need for Coarse Fishing?

Although match and coarse sessions are much more fast-paced than the other angling disciplines, anglers will find they need some essentials to check their catches are in good shape after tiring fishing battles before adding to the submerged keepnet or releasing them back to their watery homes. Fish care items that should be in your collection of fishing tackle gear are an unhooking mat, a disgorger (to remove swallowed hooks), weighing slings and nets, a water bucket and antiseptic spray for treating any injuries on the fish.

Top fish care brands to look for are Daiwa, Prologic, Leeda, Matrix, Maver and more! You can also find even more fish care items on the main fish care category page and information regarding fish care on the Angling Direct blog.

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