Chub Carp Shelters & Bivvies

Chub Carp Shelters & Bivvies All dedicated carp anglers understand the joy of crawling into your bivvy after a long day at the water or being able to sit in the comfort of your shelter whilst the Great British weather does what it does best. Shelters and bivvies are integral to your enjoyment of your time on the bank. Without one or the other you can’t hope to get the most out of your angling as they both play their part in protecting you from the elements. Chub is a dedicated carp fishing brand and as such understands the real importance of a quality shelter. That’s why it has worked hard to design and manufacture an impressive range of shelters and bivvies to keep you protected no matter the weather. Chub’s range of shelters includes brolly systems as well as standard shelters. This ensures that all anglers are catered for, even those who require their shelter to have a small footprint to fit into tight swims. Chub has bivvies on offer in both one and two man styles. Whether you prefer to fish alone or with company, Chub has a bivvy for you. Many of Chub’s bivvies feature peaked roofs and front panels that can be completely removed. This makes them incredibly versatile and can be used as both a bivvy and a shelter (please check specification on individual bivvies before purchase). Chub is one of the leading brands in Europe for carp angling and has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity since it was established in 1994. Currently a Pure Fishing company, Chub benefits from all the experience of the other brands in the Pure Fishing corporation and is able to produce fantastic products which offer staggering value for money. Its range of bivvies and shelters is just one example of this at play. So, if you’re a dedicated angler who doesn’t like to let a little inclement weather stand in your way, then you’re in the right place!
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