Daiwa Carp Rods

With over 60 years of tackle production, Daiwa is the Japanese brand that has taken the angling world by storm. Daiwa design and manufacture many of the carp fishing rods sold in the UK. In fact, its Scotland branch boasts the largest Daiwa manufacturing plant outside of the Far East – and a majority of the Daiwa tackle sold in the UK will have come out of this plant. This gives the Japanese brand a uniquely British feel, and the company responds to the needs and requirements of the British carp angler.

Often constructed of high grade, ultra-slim blanks, the range Daiwa carp rods ensure power and lightness to ensure carp anglers can achieve finesse and perfect casting ever time a cast is made out to the open waters. The Daiwa rods also sport a range of fittings to help with this such as trim fittings, butt configurations and Fuji DPS reel seats to house the amazing Daiwa carp reels, ideally big pit reels for when going after larger carps.

Daiwa supplies us here at Angling Direct, with a huge range of carp fishing rods, some of the best carp rods in the industry. So, whether you’re looking for a new feeder rod, spod rod, or simply a solid all-rounder to suit any outing, Daiwa has the perfect rod for you and your carp angling adventures.

And as the UK’s leading stockist of Daiwa goods, Angling Direct is proud to offer the very best deals on the market. In this way, we work with Daiwa to ensure that we’re catering for anglers of all abilities and of all budgets to bring you high quality rods across the board. With rods between £30 and £350, whether you’ve been angling since you could hold a rod and are looking to buy a premier rod to take your skills to the next level, or you’re a novice angler investing in your first rod, there is a Daiwa rod for you. And because Daiwa is a superior brand, you can be confident that whatever your budget you’re getting a top of the range rod at an exceptional price.

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