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CC Moore 500ml Amino Blend 365

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Key Features

  • Amino Blend 365 is a superb year-round attractor
  • Can be used at modest levels to really boost the attraction of any bait item
  • Try mixing some into your stick/bag mix before loading it into the bag
  • Creates a small carpet of power-packed attractors
  • Which fish cant swim over without going down to feed
  • This product cannot be overused in baits
  • Recommend using up to around 40ml/kg
  • Supplied in a 500ml Bottle
CC Moore 500ml Amino Blend 365, Amino Blend 365 is a unique combination of powerful liquid appetite stimulants which enhances the attraction properties of any bait item in all water temperatures. Being a highly water soluble liquid food, Amino Blend 365 supplies an abundance of essential amino acids which have been combined with proven fish-catching extracts to produce a liquid bait additive with an outstanding allround nutrient profile. With a yeasty/creamy aroma and distinctive sweet taste, Amino Blend 365 is designed for year round use and beautifully complements most bait products without overpowering their own natural characteristics. By releasing potent natural feeding triggers into the water, Amino Blend 365 convinces fish to feed on your bait in response to their requirements and desire of the readily available nutrients supplied by this liquid. Whether making a stick or bag mix which would benefit from some more soluble attraction, a boilie mix that needs a powerful nutrient or attractor boost, or a spod mix, pellets/particles that are designed to pull and hold fish in your baited area.
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