CC Moore Liquid Robin Red 500ml

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Key Features

  • Haiths legendary Robin Red
  • Sweet, spicy taste and aroma
  • Deep red colour and coarse oily texture
  • Powerful natural vitamin and trace element profile
  • Superb all round fish attractant
  • Effective within Carp and Coarse fish baits
  • Extremely versatile
  • Instantly attractive to Carp
  • Natural, P.V.A.-friendly liquid
  • Does not contain any synthetic flavours
  • Supplied in a 500ml bottle
CC Moore Liquid Robin Red 500ml, CC Moore Liquid Robin Red is made with Haiths Robin Red Haiths legendary Robin Red has been a key ingredient within some of the most successful Carp baits ever produced and is probably the most famous bait ingredient of them all. Its sweet, spicy taste and aroma, deep red colour and coarse oily texture all complement its powerful natural vitamin and trace element profile to make it a superb all round fish attractant. These great attributes are exactly why Robin Red has always been so effective within Carp and Coarse fish baits and are exactly why CC Moore & Co Ltd wanted to produce a genuine Liquid Robin Red with all the pulling power of the superb Haiths Robin Red meal. This highly attractive new liquid has been developed to capture and maximise the natural attraction properties of Haiths Robin Red and present them in an easy-to-use liquid form. The resulting product is this sweet, slightly spicy liquid that is thick, typically deep red in colour, extremely versatile and of course instantly attractive to Carp and most coarse fish Liquid Robin Red. So whether youre looking for a bag or stick mix liquid, a pellet soak, boilie soak, particle preparation additive or spod booster liquid, you can now take advantage of this totally natural, P.V.A.-friendly liquid which delivers the incredible natural attraction power of Robin Red. Liquid Robin Red is a completely natural product and does not contain any synthetic flavours.
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