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Here at Angling Direct, were so excited at the prospect of Black Friday that were starting early! Giving you more time, more deals and more opportunities to save.

The following paragraphs list the Black Friday deals that you can get your hands on today, Monday 25th November.

Daiwa 19 TDR Distance 25QD

Daiwa have built a reputation for engineering market-leading reels, it is no surprise considering they have been making reels to exacting Japanese standards since 1958.

When a Daiwa TDR reel is mentioned you instantly think of the Royal Blue and Gold colour scheme, the Daiwa 19 TDR 25QD is no different and sports the instantly recognisable colourway. The TDR 19 is the ultimate big pit feeder reel and delivers unsurpassed casting ability.

The main body of the TDR reel is constructed from zaion, while ordinary carbon is made of nylon 6-6 resin and carbon fibres at 20%, zaion boasts twice the density of carbon fibres. The result is a unique material that is as strong as magnesium. A zaion body is 25% lighter than its equivalent in magnesium and 50% lighter than aluminium.

However, the spool is the more conventional aluminium and features a highly impressive HIP line clip which moves very slightly on impact to combat line damage. The spool is also fitted with a Daiwa Quick Drag (QD) system, enabling you to adjust the drag with the smallest revolution of the quick drag wheel.

Like most Daiwa reels these days, the TDR is fitted with the Air Rotor technology that Daiwa have pioneered. The machine cut aluminium handle on the Daiwa Emblem utilises a one touch folding wishbone style handle, the 70mm machined aluminium not only looks fantastic but its ‘wind down’ locking ensures even greater power transmission from winding.





Advanta Discovery CX Lowrider Brolly

If you’re looking for a low-footprint, high-quality bankside brolly, then look no further than the Advanta Discovery Low Rider Brolly, a stylish yet practical design that blends a sleek, curved appearance with the functionality of an original 60” brolly design.

Supplied with two 26” storm poles, lightweight groundsheet, eight heavy duty T pegs, and featuring an extended storm peak and reinforced ribbing, this is a brolly that is built for the very worst that the British weather can throw at you.  It is a brolly that is designed to survive a storm, and a brolly that is designed around the attitudes of experienced carp anglers, who don’t let anything, least of all a bit of weather, get between them and a chance to bring that elusive monster carp to the bank.

A young, forward-thinking brand from the UK’s leading angling retailer, Angling Direct, Advanta have never lost their core commitment to carp and carp anglers, even as they increase and improve their product range across all fishing disciplines. With angling part of the culture and DNA of both Angling Direct as a company, and Advanta as a brand, you can be assured of a warm welcome, sound advice, and top-quality products, whatever you decide to buy. And with a commitment to providing affordable quality, buying Advanta products won’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, low profile bankside shelter option, then this Low Rider Brolly from Advanta could be just what you need. With space for a fishing chair, plus all your tackle and equipment, this is the ultimate in carp fishing comfort, affordability, and practicality.





Spod RS Rod

A genuine workhorse, the Chub RS-Plus is designed to get your bait out where you need it, with the rugged construction that stands up to repeated, heavy use, and the punishment that all styles of modern feeder fishing can dish out to your tackle.

Despite its weight, this rod has a progressive action that makes light work of your distance casting, and is easy to compress with a range of different spods, making this a versatile rod that allows you to fish the way you want to.

Packing a lot of power into a slender blank, this is a spod rod that looks good and performs well beyond its aesthetics, allowing you to focus on getting your casting spot on.

With a focus on good tackle delivered at a great price, Chub are a solid name for entry level anglers, and those looking to move up.  This spod rod is just part of a dynamic carp angling range that will give any angler the style and strength to achieve their ambitions on the bank.

Savage Pike Net

Pike nets need to be several things, lightweight and mobile to allow you to take a roving approach to your angling, and durable, the pre-historic teeth that pike have will make light work of a traditional landing net, hence the rubber material used for the net mesh.

The Savage Gear Folding Rubber Net is both of these things, the folding mechanism makes attaching the net to a rucksack incredibly easy and the fish friendly rubber mesh will last session after session.

The Savage Gear Net is available in two sizes and has two types of handle, fixed and telescopic, both of which still suit the foldable system and neither will make the net less mobile.





Grandeslam Match Barrow

A rising star on the modern angling scene, the Grandeslam Match Barrow gives you a strong, stable wheelbase, making your barrow easy to push over any terrain, whilst ensuring all your gear remains stable and secure as you head to your swim.

A handy part of any angler’s kit, and great for the keen carpers and match anglers among you.

If you’re out on an extended session at a large lake, chances are you’re going to be in for more than a few moves during the course of your time out there. And, if you need a barrow, you’d be best served buying the Grandeslam Barrow Base, which allows you to build your mobile storage solution, your way, and arrange your tackle to suit your angling style and priorities.

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