Daiwa Aquadry Keepnet Carrier Jumbo

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Key Features

  • Completely retains all water
  • Extremely durable
  • Waterproof EVA
  • Welded seams
  • Reinforced rim
  • Zip round top
  • Secure closure
  • Available in two sizes

Daiwa AquaDry Jumbo Keepnet Carrier

Keepnets are vital in most match fishing scenarios and, on venues where they are not banned, they are useful to have to keep track of your captures during a coarse fishing session. However, finding a place to store your keepnets can often be difficult as they are large and bulky items. Not only this, but finding a way to dry your keepnets after a long session on the bank is almost impossible – especially if you are packing up after the sun has gone down – and a damp keepnet that has been sat in grimy water all day often isn’t the most pleasant smelling of objects. This is why Daiwa has designed this AquaDry Keepnet Carrier.

The Daiwa AquaDry Keepnet Carrier comes in two sizes. This size, the Jumbo, offers incredible storage capacity for multiple keepnets and landing net heads, making it the perfect tool for the avid angler. You’re able to store as many three keepnets in this carrier, as well as two landing nets, and a whole host of other tackle items. The AquaDry Keepnet Carrier has dimensions of 70cms x 25cms x 60cms.

As the name suggests, this Jumbo Keepnet Carrier is manufactured using AquaDry technology. This is a waterproofing technology which ensures that water is completely unable to leak from the bag. In fact, even the seams of the bag have been closed via the use of a heat welder, rather than the traditional stitching method (which would leave lots of minute holes in the fabric). This means that the area of the bag which is often the most prone to leakages is every bit as waterproof as the main fabric of the bag. Not only this, but the entire bag is constructed from EVA. This not only ensures that the bag is 100% waterproof but it also ensures that this carrier is easy to clean. In fact, you can simply wipe down the outside of the carrier before storing it in the boot of your car, too. The AquaDry Jumbo Keepnet Carrier has a zip round opening, which features secure closure to ensure the bag remains completely watertight. This keeps all grimy river or lake water out of the boot of your car. Not only is the bag waterproof but it is also odour proof. This ensures that all the smells of your angling session remain trapped in your bag, rather than permeating through your car on the journey home. As a final useful feature, the rim of the bag has also been reinforced. This manes that the bag holds its structure when open, making it easy to insert the nets without the need of assistance.

Daiwa is one of the biggest and most respected tackle brands in the world. Established in the 1950s, Daiwa has been producing award winning tackle for anglers around the globe for almost sixty years. All their tackle is built to exacting Japanese standards and utilises all the latest technology and this AquaDry Keepnet Carrier is no different. The largest Daiwa factory outside the Far East is run from Daiwa Sport’s UK’s head office in Whishaw, Scotland. This means that much of the tackle on sale in the UK market is actually designed and manufactured in the UK, with the needs and requirements of UK anglers in mind.

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