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Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcaster Rod

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Key Features

  • Air Guide System (AGS) carbon guides
  • Super Volume Fibre (SVF) NanoPlus blanks
  • 3DX and X45 BIAS graphite construction for zero blank twist
  • V-Joint spigot connection for a slim join and fluent bending curve
  • Fuji reel seat
Grouped product items
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PXAGS772HFB-AS Length: 7ft 7in, Casting Weight: 40-80g, Sections: 2
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Discontinued product items
Model Item name
PXAGS712MFB-AS Length: 7ft 1in, Casting Weight: 10-30g, Sections: 2
Out of stock
PXAGS802XHFB-AS Length: 8ft, Casting Weight: <120, Sections: 2
Out of stock
PXAGS832XXXHFB-AS Length: 8ft 3in, Casting Weight: <180g, Sections: 2
Out of stock
PXAGS692MMLFB-AS Length: 6ft 7in, Casting Weight: 7-32g, Sections: 2
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Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcaster Rod

This premium rod series from the Prorex range includes most of the innovations from Daiwa’s innovative rod construction technologies. Prorex AGS rods are lightweight and have a crisp feel but are still able to feature a sensitive tip action. Daiwa’s use of nanotechnology with SVF fibre has resulted in lightweight and stiff blanks with optimum resilience, strength, and feel. As a result, this rod transmits every lure movement to the handle section and this will allow you to feel the softest of taps.

The rod’s X45 BIAS construction, combined with 3DX technology, reduces torque to a minimum, enabling even more targeted casts. A fluent bending curve is produced by the slim V-Joint connection between the spigot and its blank. However, the true benefit of this rod is provided by its exclusive AGS carbon guides, which are lighter than conventional guides and, most importantly, optimise the rod’s action and sensitivity. With these features taken all together, Daiwa Prorex AGS rods deliver a high level of casting performance and a characteristic fishing feel.

The Daiwa Prorex AGS Baitcaster is a two-section rod available in 7ft 1”, 7ft 7”, and 8ft 3” variants with casting weights of 10-30g, 40-80g, and less than 180g, respectively.

Although the distinction between spinning rods and baitcasting rods has become less clear over the years, due to the ability to mount either kind of reel on either kind of rod, this Daiwa baitcaster fishing rod is designed to handle the heavier lines and cover associated with baitcasting reels, without compromising performance or feel sensitivity.

Baitcaster rods and reels are designed for experienced anglers who look for better control and accuracy in their casts. With these set-ups, the spool rotates as you cast so the line requires manual control to avoid creating a knotty mess.  An experienced baitcaster angler will use this play to place lures with pin-point accuracy and to recover snags before they happen. This mode of operation is opposed to spinning gear, where the reel is placed with its axis perpendicular to the rod and the spool is fixed so it is only drawn out by the weight of the line in motion.

If you are considering moving from spinning to baitcaster gear, it may be useful to know that baitcaster reels are most often used with lures, while a wider range of terminal tackle is commonly used with spinning reels.

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