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ESP Clip Links

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Key Features

  • Quick and easy to attach and remove
  • Non-reflective finish
  • Nickel plated for extra corrosion protection
  • No rough edges
  • Quantity: 20 per pack
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ETCLMC001 Model: Mini Clip
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ETCLRC001 Model: Ring Clip
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Out of stock
ESP Slim Clip: E-S-P Slim Clips are best used for attaching hooklinks with a loop at the end. By depressing the clip between thumb and forefinger it is very quick and easy to attach the hooklink loop and then slide the silicone tube sleeve over the clip. ESP Slim Clips are especially suitable when using Dynamite Sticks threaded onto the hooklink. Pack of 20 ESP Quick Clip: ESP Quick Clips are extra strong and have a matt, non glare finish. The interned wire gate makes them quick and easy to use and they can be covered with silicone tube or an E-S-P Helicopter Rig Sleeve. Pack of 20. ESP Mini Clip: Their small size and non-reflective finish make E-S-P Mini Clips ideal for a variety of neat unobtrusive terminal rigs. They are ideal for marker float set ups, connecting to small swivels and short links for running lead set ups. Pack of 20. ESP Ring Clip: E-S-P Ring Clips can act a bit like a Uni Link swivel providing a large round wire eye on a helicopter rig set up or on the end of the hooklink. This large ring eye behaves like a semi flexible hinge so it is ideal for stiffer hooklinks of coated braid or fluorocarbon. Pack of 20. ESP Clip Links: ESP Clip links are extra strong with a breaking strain of over 40lb. The turned in section of wire makes the connection of terminal tackle very quick and easy. If desired the link can be sleeved with a short section of 3mm diameter Silicone tube or an ESP helicopter rig sleeve to streamline the connector. With their discrete matt black coating, Clip Links are ideal for Helicopter rigs and running lead set-ups and also for connecting hooklinks, spods, marker floats etc. Pack of 20.
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