ESP Mega Method Feeder

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Key Features

  • Designed for long range carp fishing
  • Provides the perfect bolt rig set up
  • Consistent amount of bait is on the feeder
  • Achieves a set up thats aerodynamic and accurate
  • Proven to be hugely successful and are easy to use
  • Increases casting distance and improves accuracy
  • Represent a major step forward in efficient bait delivery
  • A devastatingly effective carp catching system
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ETFMML056 Size: LARGE, Weight: 56G
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ETFMML100 Size: XL, Weight: 100G
5+ in stock
ETFMML085 Size: LARGE, Weight: 85G
5+ in stock
ETFMML070 Size: XL, Weight: 70G
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ESP Mega Method Feeder, ESP Mega Method Feeder is the first dedicated flat method feeder specifically designed for long range carp fishing and to provide the perfect bolt rig set up. Designed to achieve a set up thats aerodynamic and accurate. Think a perfect PVA bag presentation without having to tie up a PVA bag! A devastatingly effective carp catching system. Originally successful on commercial match waters the flat method feeder has now been adopted for bigger carp on the prolific runs waters. But to cope with long range casting, larger diameter reel lines and to have enough weight to work effectively as a bolt rig, bigger, heavier and more aerodynamic method feeders are needed. ESPs Mega Method Feeders are the answer! These feeders can accommodate as much bait as the popular sizes of PVA bag, they are much quicker and easier than filling and tying up a bag. During testing these feeders have proven to be hugely successful and their beauty is in that they are so easy to use. By using any dedicated method mix groundbait mixed correctly, the bait stays in place on impact allowing it to dissolve and break down once on the lake bed releasing attractants and food signals quickly into the water. The design results in the lead in the flat base and the bait load distributing the weight into an aerodynamic bomb shape. This increases casting distance and improves accuracy even in strong cross winds. On the body of the feeder, the two largest bait holding ribs are well spaced and curved away from each other. This leaves a generous gap so the hook bait can be placed in the optimum position. By positioning the hook bait in this depression it will be perfectly located between the two largest curved ribs of the feeder and will sit partially showing right on top of the moulded bait. This puts it right in pole position for a positive pick up and hook hold as soon as a carp sucks in the bait. Another interesting feature is the rubber grommet which fits up inside the nose of the feeder and accommodates either an ESP Quick Clip (supplied) or a size 9 swivel if preferred. This grommet provides a semi-fixed interference fit for an effective but safe bolt rig set up. A full load of method mix ground bait adds roughly 1oz (30g) to the large body and 1.25oz (35g) to the XL. This means the heaviest 3.5oz XL feeder weighs around 4.75oz when bait is added so we recommend a powerful carp rod of at least 3lb test curve to be used for distance casting. ESP Mega Method Feeders represent a major step forward in efficient bait delivery, presentation and convenience for the runs water carp angler a devastatingly effective carp catching system!

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