MarinePower Fishing Boats

Marine Power is a family owned and run business based in Brundall, Norfolk.

Justin and our fishing team have formed this partnership with Angling direct. This means that we talk your language, and we can truly support you on your journey into boat fishing. We love fishing… and boats!

This promo is based upon the Linder range. These boats are perfect whatever your level of expertise.

Enquire today and we will help get you afloat as we advise on boat, trailer, outboard and tech too!


Linder Fishing 410

£3,300.00 inc Vat.

Linder Sportsman 445 Basic

£7,920.00 inc Vat.

Linder Sportsman 355

£3,490.00 inc Vat.

Linder Sportsman 445 Catch

£13,400.00 inc Vat.

Linder Sportsman 400

£4,630.00 inc Vat.

Linder Arkip 460

£17,090.00 inc Vat.

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