Browning Fishing Tackle

Browning have long been associated with match fishing triumph, Browning’s core concern is the making of champion anglers through the creation of tackle that encourages success.

You may be an experienced match angler but even the champion anglers rely on luck of the draw sometimes, if you draw a poor peg its better to back yourself with the best gear around and there are not many better than Browning.

Browning’s terminal tackle range is geared towards getting more fish on the bank and in your keepnet, offering everything you could possibly need to get your swim fizzing. In terms of feeders Browning offer cage feeders, slow sinking feeders, window feeders and method feeders; hooks, hooks to nylon, rig tools to speed up any last-minute rig adjustments during your match and more niche match items such as fish counters and keep net weights.

In terms of rods Browning’s range consists of feeder rods for the most part, conventionally used as an alternative to pole fishing on match venues, Browning have a feeder rod for every angler; from the CK Carp Tickler to the Sphere Feeder, there is a rod at each price point allowing you to associate your match fishing with one of the greatest brands in match fishing regardless of budget.  You will be thankful for having a feeder rod in your armoury on those windier days on the match circuit when a 12m plus pole can be cumbersome in a cross wind.

Pole fishing is most match anglers go to method, larger poles give you the scope to fish the entirety of your swim, especially when you’re on a canal or snake lake with an angler either side of you and you need to use the far bank, the main drag and your near margin all in the same session.

Browning have become synonymous with high-quality poles, from 6m margin poles to top-end 17m Zero-G poles, there are several design features which ensure Browning poles live up to their reputation. The Nano-Carbon construction Browning use creates a strong, light, but not brittle pole, coupled with the Overwrapped Joint technology Browning utilise to combat chipping and increase hoop strength you can be sure that you are investing in a quality pole to last you multiple years.

Browning’s Diamond Surface Finish refers to the non-stick diamond ground surface applied to its poles. Browning poles are fast to ship in and out regardless of weather conditions and keep the use of paint to a minimum in order to reduce potential sticky areas on the butt section of your pole.

Detailed considerations like these is what sets Browning apart from the competition, if you’re looking to enhance your match angling you would be well placed to edge your bets on Browning.

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