Century Fishing Tackle

Century has produced top of the range, world class fishing products for over 30 years. It is a company passionate about every aspect of fishing and gains equal enjoyment from the peace of the bank as it does the weight of a fish in one of its premier nets. Century seeks to enhance the escapism of sitting on the bank or in a boat, the peace of the angler being at one with the water, at one with nature, and at one with the fish. The ability to go fishing is the ability to change everyday routines, transform the ordinary into something exciting, and Century believes there is no better thrill than watching your rod begin to arch with a catch. Quality tackle, therefore, directly equates with the ability to escape from the everyday.

Unlike most tackle companies, Century have kept their base in England and have not outsourced their tackle production to the mass manufacturers in the Far East. This has allowed Century to keep full control over the materials and processes that are at play when making its fine rods. In fact, Century was the first rod manufacturer in the world to meet the internationally accepted standard for environmental care, and continues to maintain the exceptional standards which it sets itself. It uses external, impartial, audit systems to ensure it meets every standard of environmental care it can and constantly strikes to protect the environment during the production process.

Century uses raw materials in its products and has close relationships with the prime suppliers of these materials. This close relationship translates into a deep understanding of the materials Century use in their tackle, and the way the materials interact with each other in order to best perform on the bank. You get the direct benefit from the relationship Century has built with its primary suppliers, as it gives direct results on the bank.

High modulus carbon fibres and a complex resin support system mean that Century rods have excellent action, are highly durable, and give top quality performance throughout their lifetime. The nature of Century’s warranty system shows its belief in the longevity of its rods performance, and offers guidance on rod maintenance and repairs after the rod has been in service for over twenty years, which many of its rods have been. Although Century has a focus on carp fishing, it produces outstanding products for use across the disciplines, including a range of rod supports that are perfect for predator, specialist, and carp anglers alike.

Its England based offices and production site means that Century is uniquely attuned to the needs and requirements of the English angler. This also means that Century remains specialists in its field and has not sacrificed quality in the name of expansion and growth. As specialists, Century has finely honed the skills needed to produce precision tackle time and time again.

This has meant that Century is not only highly demanded by anglers of the top of the sport, but also by aerospace companies and Formula One teams. The 15 times World Casting Champion, Belgian Danny Moeskops, has had a direct influence on the design and production of Century tackle. Century has learnt from his quiet, pensive approach, and has studied his world class techniques in their design process in order to make improvements in its already top performance rod. Each of Moeskops World Champion titles have been achieved using a Century rod. This is the drive that defines Century, a quiet determination to improve on the best, and it routinely meets this aim with the assistance of legendary anglers combined with top class materials and famous British engineering.

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