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Explore the Premium Range of Cox and Rawle Angling Essentials

Step into the vibrant world of angling with a brand steeped in heritage. Founded in the late 1960s, Cox & Rawle has grown to become a premier name in the industry, presenting a comprehensive array of superior angling equipment suitable for novices and seasoned professionals alike. From flawlessly crafted rigs to precision-engineered hooks, every product on offer is a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to quality.

Cox & Rawle: A Legacy of Trust

Established by Bob Cox and John Rawle, pioneers who understood the benefits of Up-tiding, Cox & Rawle has stood the test of time as the go-to choice for dependable angling products. This e-commerce platform proudly showcases a diverse range of Cox & Rawle items, ensuring that every angler has access to the terminal tackle required to excel in their angling endeavours.

Superlative Rigs and Hooks

The product line-up boasts an extensive selection of Cox & Rawle rigs and hooks, all designed to the highest specifications. Whether one seeks a complex rig assembly or a robust, sharp hook, Cox & Rawle's offerings ensure reliable, reusable equipment that won't fail when it's needed most.

High-Performance Terminal Tackle

Discover the difference superior terminal tackle can make with meticulously manufactured links, rig bits, and beads from Cox & Rawle. These accessories, expertly crafted to boost efficiency and performance, provide an excellent opportunity to refine one's angling skills.

Innovative Lures and Swivels

Cox & Rawle lures and link swivels add an extra dimension to the angling experience. Designed with an intuitive understanding of aquatic allure, these products are sure to entice the catch of the day, delivering a richly rewarding angling experience.

Practical and Robust Rig Wallets

Cox & Rawle rig wallets offer the perfect solution to organising and protecting angling gear. These practical accessories ensure that everything from hooks to beads is securely stored and readily accessible for the next big catch.

Find the Perfect Angling Companion with Cox & Rawle

Cox & Rawle's impressive product range caters to all, from the angling apprentice to the seasoned expert. The carefully curated selection of high-quality, trustworthy fishing essentials is designed to support and enhance the joy of angling, ensuring memorable experiences with every expedition.

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