Deeper are a progressive brand, pushing the boundaries of digital evolution on the bank. Deeper’s range of intelligent bathymetric mapping devices will help you map out your swim in terms of depth and sunken features, as well as helping you locate fish, some devices are even equipped with species recognition.

Deeper devices are particularly useful on larger venues such as reservoirs where locating fish by eye, especially during the colder months, can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Deeper products feature multiple mounting points, allowing you to use your chosen device from the bank or a boat, as you would a traditional sonar system.

The main benefit to using a Deeper is the amount of time you save when compared to using a marker float, you also don’t drag a Deeper through weed beds, meaning you don’t need to dredge half your swim just to get an idea of depth.

With a range of products across various price points, you could experiment with the Deeper Start before progressing onto the Deeper Pro, or Pro +, if you require a state of the art sonar system then perhaps the Deeper Chirp +.

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