Drennan Fishing Tackle

Drennan Tackle International produces tackle to three simple requirements. It must be good value for money, easy to use, and, most importantly, it must help you catch more fish. These three principles have been with Drennan International since its conception in 1967, when Peter Drennan first began making floats in his mother’s garage. He was already considered a tackle expert, having served his apprenticeship under angling greats such as Dick Walker, the Taylor Brothers and, England’s first World Champion, Bill Lane. This drive to create top quality terminal tackle has stayed with the company since the production of these first floats and remains the largest area of the business.

The business steadily grew with Peter Drennan’s reputation, and has transformed from one man selling balsawood floats out of his mother’s garage into a catalogue of over 2500 products sold in over 2000 tackle shops in both the United Kingdom and across continental Europe. The company is now one of the most respected in the industry, and has been the official sponsor of the England International Seniors Team since 1993. It is important to note that, a year after Drennan International began its sponsorship of the team, Drennan Team England won gold on home soil. Drennan Team England has had continued success since their inaugural year and has amassed upwards of 13 medals, the majority of which have been gold. As you might be able to guess from its affiliations, Drennan is a coarse and match fishing specialist and much of the gear it produced for Drennan Team England is available for purchase.

Although Drennan International is now, as its name suggests, an international company, all its research and tackle development still remains on UK soil. This means that Drennan can use the latest technology to design and develop its products. Drennan International uses Computer Aided Design and purpose built machinery to ensure that its engineering facilities are top of the range. It liaises with expert anglers at key stages of product design and production to ensure it is creating tackle that is useful for the modern angler. However, despite this strong UK base, the company have outsourced the construction of the tackle to six purpose built factories across Europe. This helps Drennan International keep the cost of its products down whilst retaining its high-quality design, meaning you get great value for money. The fact the tackle is built in Europe rather than China also assures that you get a great quality of build without losing out on price.

Drennan International has a dedicated YouTube channel to provide tips, tricks and product information. Five times World Champion Alan Scotthorne is a regular host of the channel, so when you watch a Drennan video you are literally learning from the best. Scotthorne has recently joined the company to help Drennan International keep producing top of the range products. In this role he will be directly involved with the products, watch their stage by stage growth, and be able to fish with the prototypes in order to fine tune them to a high quality product. Alan Scotthorne is an expert in English fishing tackle and, in his own words, ‘the chance to join the top English tackle company was too good to miss’. Not only this, but the sponsorship deal, unlike most others, doesn’t tie Scotthorne into only using Drennan branded products, so you can be rest assured that when you see him using a piece of Drennan tackle you know it’s because he thinks it’s the best in the business.

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