Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits is Europe’s largest carp bait company, though it also has products suitable for match and predator anglers. With literally hundreds of boilies and dumbells, pellets, ground baits, particles, hook baits, liquids, stick mixes, and pastes to mix and match, Dynamite ensures you can create your perfect bait.

Dynamite Baits produce all their bait in Nottingham, so despite their international appeal they truly are a British company. The company specialises in boilie production and has a full range of flavours, available in kilo bags, in pop-up form, and as a base mix kit so you can create your own. The Source Boilie was one of the first in their product range, released in 2002 and developed over a period of years until it was honed to perfection. The ingredients include many trademarked components that have been researched and developed by Dynamite to create a completely unique flavour and texture that carp love.

Dynamite sources technology from across the food industry to create baits that guarantee bites no matter the season. Take its White Chocolate and Coconut range, for example. These have utilised technology from the ice cream industry to sure maximum flavour is released in the coldest winter conditions.

All Dynamite Baits products have been nutritionally developed so they are giving the fish exactly what they need to thrive. Each aspect of the bait has been carefully developed to ensure the most catches, with attention devoted to the colour and texture of the bait as well as simply the flavour.

Dynamite sponsors many of the top level anglers across multiple disciplines who all attest to the success of the bait. Match fisherman Steve Ringer, carp expert Terry Heam, and coarse and specialist angler Mick Brown are among the huge names who attribute their angling careers to Dynamite Baits. All these men excel in their field and all dedicate their expertise to helping Dynamite produce top quality bait.  They have a huge amount of input in the development department, and this input is reflected in the sterling reputation of Dynamite Baits.

On the Dynamite website you can find testimonials, product descriptions, and tips and tricks about how to get the most out of your bait. Ringer, Heam, and Brown are regular features on the Dynamite blog, among many others, and impart their wisdom in both text and video format. The Dynamite blog is also a space where these top anglers share stories of their most recent catches, which make thrilling reading and can transport you from your computer screen to the waters edge in a matter of moments. It’s not only UK anglers who love Dynamite, and there are a plethora of testimonials from European anglers up on their European website. Dynamite isn’t the biggest brand in Europe for nothing!

The website also features a gallery where you can see first hand the size of the catches that fishing with Dynamite Baits enables you to reel in. Dynamite Video features interviews with top anglers, including Bianca Venema and Lizette Beunders who won second place in the 2015 World Carp Classic.

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