Fortis Eyewear Fishing Sunglasses

Fortis Eyewear produces fashionable polarised sunglasses to help you see deeper through the water. These glasses are specially designed for fishing, as the polarised nature of the lenses not only offers outstanding protection from harmful ultraviolet light, but also reduces eye strain when in any light level.

All Fortis Eyewear glasses are 100% UVA (penetrative ultraviolet rays that damage deep into the dermis) and UVB (short wave ultraviolet rays that burn the surface of the skin) proof. Fortis also offer a prescription service too, so these glasses are perfect for those who already need a little extra help to see clearly.

Fortis Eyewear has been designed to combat the reflective nature of water to enable you to see with increased clarity. Light reflected from water is directed rather than scattered like normal day light. This makes it much harder to see, as it intensifies the light, which is not only annoying but also dangerous as it seriously impairs vision.

Fortis Eyewear’s polarised lenses have been manufactured with a special filter to block this light glare. This filter is created by heating and stretching a film over the lens, which creates invisible parallel lines in the molecular structure of the film, which in turn combats the glare effect. This in turn helps you see deeper into the water, enabling you with the opportunity to spot fish lurking below the surface. This is especially important when you’re targeting bottom feeders, such as carp.

Fortis Eyewear understands that being able to see below the surface of the water is key to fishing – and will make all the difference between a successful day on the bank and a terrible one. Therefore, Fortis Eyewear aims to improve your fishing by improving your vision. No matter your discipline, whether you’re fly fishing on a bright clear day or stalking your specimen predator, Fortis Eyewear has the sunglasses for you.

Fortis Eyewear produces lenses that respond superbly across the spectrum – from low level light on your standard English overcast day, to bright sunlight, such as you might experience at the height of summer. Its brown tinted lenses operate at all ends of the spectrum. Its amber tinted lenses will brighten vision on even the most English of days, when the clouds tinge everything grey. Its grey lenses are the most natural to the standard colour spectrum, and can be worn long term without causing strain to the eye.

Not only this, but to further customise your glasses to your exacting specifications, Fortis Eyewear offers additional coatings to provide extra glare protection. Its Gold X Bloc coating is particularly suited to anglers whose quarry dwells in deep clear water.

All Fortis Eyewear polarised lenses are hard wearing and scratch resistant. Made from CR-39, the most abrasion resistant optical fabric created. Unlike other lenses, for example the traditional polycarbonate lens you’ll get on traditional sunglasses, the polarised lenses cause very little distortion. Not only this, but the lens is thinner and of a lighter weight than traditional glass lenses, so they are comfortable for long wear.

The Fortis Eyewear collection is not only practical but fashionable too. There is a full range of styles are frame – from aviators and bays, to the traditional sporting wrap-around glasses. This means there really is something for every angler, and will ensure that you look good on the bank.

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