Korda Fishing Tackle: Setting the Benchmark in Carp Fishing

Born from a profound passion for carp fishing in 1993, Korda has trailblazed the path of innovation, consistently setting new industry standards with each product. The brand name echoes in every corner of the British angling scene, revered for its unwavering commitment to delivering practical, high-quality solutions for every angler's needs.

Grounded in Expertise

Behind Korda's success is an accomplished team of experienced anglers, spearheaded by founder Danny Fairbrass. This collective expertise ensures rigorous testing, trial runs, and thoughtful design, resulting in reliable, user-friendly, and superior products. The roster includes notable creations like the Noodle Rig and the innovative Spinner Rig, transforming the way anglers approach their craft.

A Wide Range of Quality Products

Korda's product line spans from terminal tackle to clothing, all carrying the brand's distinctive touch of quality. Each piece of Korda gear, meticulously designed and thoroughly tested, proves an indispensable companion on the water.

Embracing the Digital Era

Korda's pioneering spirit extends to digital production, revolutionising the carp fishing industry's interaction with media. The acclaimed 'Thinking Tackle' series, initially on Sky Sports and now transitioning into a digital magazine, offers unique insights and educational content for all anglers.

Developing Young Talent

Korda is committed to nurturing the future of angling. The Carp Academy initiative provides younger enthusiasts with a comprehensive grounding in modern carp fishing techniques, fostering the next generation of angling excellence.

Korda Goo: A Game-Changer in Attraction

Among Korda's standout products is the celebrated Korda Goo. This revolutionary bait additive, perfect for reviving the scent of bottom baits and pop-ups, proves an undeniable asset in luring more carp to your swim.

Terminal Tackle: Crafted for Success

From Korda rigs to the comprehensive Korda Zig kit, Korda's terminal tackle exemplifies practical design and robust performance. Products like the Korda Tackle Safe offer valuable solutions for organising and protecting your precious tackle.

With Korda Fishing Tackle, every angling experience transforms into an opportunity for success. Explore our extensive selection today, and equip yourself with the gear that defines angling excellence. Let Korda's innovation, quality, and legacy guide you towards your next big catch.

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