Korum Fishing Tackle

Korum’s slogan is ‘Fishing Tackle Made Easy’, which perfectly sums up its ethos. Korum aims to produce high quality tackle for the pleasure angler, and understands that fishing is meant to be an enjoyable hobby. It wants to improve the angling experience through the production of tackle that is easy to use, practical, and good value for money.

Korum produces tackle across the range, so there is something for everyone, whether your interest is in one day carp fishing on commercial lakes or serious specimen fishing on still water and rivers. From luggage and tackle boxes, chairs and shelters, clothing and fish care, to rig accessories and rod supports, rods and reels, nets and hair rigs, Korum produces it all.

Korum is involved with the I Love Fishing campaign to grow the sport of angling. Angling is already the UK’s largest participation sport, but Korum is committed to making it more accessible, particularly to the next generation of anglers. Angling is a lifestyle choice, and an excellent way to get the whole family out in Britain’s beautiful countryside. Angling not only teaches us about our environment, but also teaches us to respect nature and admire the natural beauty Britain has to offer. Korum has set up an annual Fish Camp where it invites anglers of all ages and abilities to a fishery for a day of angling, along with interested members of the British public who want to learn more about angling.

Its Club Korum kits enable novice and aspiring anglers to get their gear together quickly. Each kit comes with a 45 minute DVD, explaining the tackle in the kit and providing tips and tricks for how to use it. The DVD’s are all presented by experienced anglers, such as Nigel Botherway and former World Champion Tommy Pickering, so you really are learning from the very best. These kits remove the confusion that could arise for new anglers who do not know what the best gear to get started with is. These pick-up-and-go tackle kits, each targeting a specific type of angling, make starting the sport incredibly easy. Korum uniquely targets anglers who are new to the sport in this way, whatever their age, and recommends the best coarse for you. On the Club Korum website you can also find information about family fishing, and discover child friendly swims so the whole family can come along for the day.

Not only does Korum have top level anglers presenting on its DVD’s, but it also consults with some of the finest anglers in the world, across all disciplines. These consultants are engaged throughout the production process to ensure the end product is one they would be proud to add to their angling collection. If it’s good enough for the best, it’s good enough for Korum. Not only this, but each specialist has his or her preferred techniques, so the tackle Korum produces performs excellently across the board. These consulting anglers also write for Korum’s blog, so you can read exactly how they would use the brand new tackle that Korum release each season.

Korum also produces a magazine to keep you up to date on all their new products, and provide you with all the latest in angling news. This magazine is free to pick up in any Korda stockist. Alternatively, you can pay the two pound postage free and it will be send directly to your door.

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