Rapala has been one of the angling world's favourite fishing lure manufacture since its establishment in 1936. As Lauri Rapala fished the waters of Finland’s Lake Paijanne, he quietly rowed and watched. And what he saw was how hungry predator fish would dart into a school of minnows and attack the one that swam with a slightly off-centre wobble. This gave Lauri the realisation that big predator fish eat little fish, especially little fish that are wounded. From then, Lauri Rapala was the leading innovator in a fishing tackle with an exceptional ability to continuously improve lure fishing forever.

The Rapala wobble imitates a wounded baitfish and can be seen in the superior know-how in lure design and traditional craftsmanship values that are combined with cutting edge technology and uncompromising quality control. Today’s technology allows very advanced and precise production methods, yet throughout the production process, the lure parts are repeatedly checked for quality. Rapala lures are still hand-tuned and tank-tested before packaging to assure your lure has the Rapala trademark swimming action that big fish can't resist, straight out of the box.

That first lure was the forefather to the lure that has helped more fishermen experience the thrill of more big fish than any other: the legendary Original Floating Rapala, with a wiggling fish, can’t resist. Today, Rapala has expanded its products from lures to knives, tools and accessories that are all trusted by fishermen in over 140 countries worldwide. Rapala's reputation stems from an impressive list of world record catches made with its products. All of which are constructed using the knowledge of Rapala’s Pro Anglers as well as building on a history of unwavering dedication to quality.

Some of the favourites from Rapala’s recent contribution to predator fishing is the Shad Rap lure which is designed to be fished from ultraslow speeds to super-fast with superior results and is equally effective whether cast or trolled.  Equally, the X-Rap range of lures offers a range of soft tails, flash feather teaser tails and treble hook endings for big gamefish to sink their teeth into. Except, the hard-plastic shells to the body of the lures prevent the predator’s teeth cutting the lure and getting away. Genius.

Rapala remains to have a legacy of unwavering quality that can be seen in every lure, every fillet knife, every tool, and every cast. A legacy that continues with new Rapala offerings of more lures, new actions, new sizes, new colours, new finishes, new tools, new accessories and new ways of catching more fish.

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