Ringers as a brand is associated with the success of match fishing extraordinaire, Steve Ringer, there is not much Steve hasn’t won, with Fish ‘O’ Mania, Parkdean Masters and Whiteacre Festival titles to his name, the man is a powerhouse of match fishing. Ringers, the brand, is a family company and is headed up by Philip Ringer, Steve’s brother, who along with their father Geoff, also experienced glittering match fishing careers.

Originally, Ringers specialised in pellets, this coincided with Steve Ringer making a name for himself fishing expander hookbaits and pellet on the feeder, something he became so proficient at he made the England Feeder Team in 2011.

The range of Ringers pellets is extensive and exclusively developed with commercial carp and F1s in mind. The Ringers R range covers everything from crushed pellet powder, to micro pellets and expanders, right through to 6mm and 8mm pellets, and covers all aspects of pellet fishing.

Since its inception, Ringers have expanded its range to include groundbaits, liquid attractants and paste mixes, again with commercial carp in mind, everything in the Ringers bait catalogue is geared towards baggin’ up and recording net busting match weights. In recent years fluoro and washed out wafters and fluoro boilie crush have grown in popularity, due in part to Steve Ringer himself, match anglers have opted for bright hookbaits in recent times feeling it gives them the edge in matches as it lures the fish towards the hookbait before the comparatively dull offerings on your feeder.

The Ringers brand has developed alongside the success of Steve Ringer himself, as Steve has adapted his fishing and found new techniques and methods the Ringers bait range has grown to service these new trends and in doing so has built quite the reputation for itself within the match fishing scene.

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