Sakuma Fishing Tackle

Sakuma has been producing top class tackle since the end of the last century. Its growth in popularity has been outstanding and today anglers around the globe are proud owners of Sakuma tackle. A British brand that focuses on the ‘business end’ of fishing, the brand imports a vast range of Japanese manufactured hooks, line, and terminal tackle – all of which have been hand selected for their benefits to UK anglers. Best known for its range of hooks, the brand continues to innovate with new products and technologies, all designed with sea fishing in mind.

Its hooks are of the highest quality, as you might expect from a brand utilising exacting Japanese manufacturing standards. Famous for their razor sharp points, its hooks are available in a vast range of patterns and sizes. This makes them suitable across the sea fishing disciplines and the hooks are used for both boat and shore fishing. Anglers around the world have used Sakuma hooks to catch a myriad of species, from small to large, and the hooks boast a number of record breaking lands to their name.

The brand also designs a range of lines and shock leaders, which have grown in popularity over the years. Manufactured from modern co-polymers, these lines and shock leaders have an incredible strength-to-diameter ratio. This makes them excellent casting outfits, whilst they are also able to stand up to the pressure of playing a big fish. This range of products complements the rest of the Sakuma terminal tackle catalogue – which consists of a range of rig components and baiting accessories.

UK based, the company designs and field tests its range of products on the UK coastline. This means that everything the brand produces has been designed with British anglers in mind and is a direct response to the needs of British anglers the challenges that come with fishing from the UK coast. These product designs are then sent to Japan for mass manufacture. Not only is this a cost saving exercise – an exercise that reflects back into the cost of the tackle to purchase – but it is also in recognition of the superiority of Japanese construction. Many tackle companies extol the virtues of ‘born and bred British’ products, but these products just don’t stand up on the modern market. Anyone who has ever fished with a piece of tackle produced in a Japanese workshop will be able to feel the difference between it and a like-for-like product made in the UK. The Japanese are famous for their exacting production standards and Sakuma wanted its tackle to be produced to the highest quality possible. It invests a huge amount of time field testing products to ensure they are flawless, so it would be a travesty to waste that all those hours by producing the tackle in the UK simply to appeal to British sentimentalism.

To see the kinds of fish that have been caught using Sakuma tackle you can check out its gallery on its website. Not only does this gallery feature a whole host of incredible images, but it also tells you which bits of tackle were used to catch the fish – incredibly helpful for those saltwater anglers looking for a little tackle inspiration.

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